Night Siege — August 27

The forums website discussions are current statements Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov that our homeland does not preclude placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Introduction of the participants:
"Uh-huh. And Shushkevich Walesa recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize for the conclusion of this very weapon."
"Well, if you send us your rockets those who need it. To cut on takeoff."
"Neuzh Our homeland is invested in building a nuclear power plant?"
Arshanski blogger talks about whether it was worth allocate Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Prize:
"In the midst of all threw the former speaker Supreme Council HII convocation often bombarded with "obstruction" of a referendum in 1992. (…) But there is an aspect. Shushkevich not just afraid to take responsibility for the destiny of the referendum date. At that time, he acted vigorously to ensure that the referendum did not take place.
Recently the consideration of the Supreme Soviet head of parliament went to Orsha — meet with workers favorite Nikolay Razumov, who in the spring of 1991 brought people back on track and on several days blocked the road metal. On a trip to Orsha Shushkevich Razumov was already a person close to the political vzbochcha, but the memory was powerful nomenclature: officials feared that the cancellation of the referendum (for his conduct generally accepted signatures collected more than sought law Sun owed just set the date) will bring people back on the street, on the rails. To make sure that this does not happen, Shushkevich and drove in Orsha. It was a conscious step then head that seeks to prevent conduct democratic configuration pinnacle of power. Cost such people Nobel Prize? "
The forums portal discussions are again the housing problem: minchane did not take home because the apartments are very expensive, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". That participants think about this forums?
"Yes, we are, finished. We missed the shares of" Gazprom ".
"Say, would pay for anything. Offer Over 72 thousand miserable plyanirovku Russian timesand ".
"I do not think that Russia is simply buying up apartments in batches. Built house, it apartments from 100,000 bucks — and immediately came the Russians … and immediately got hold of the pieces on the whole house. Naturally, the Russians get an apartment in Minsk, but not in amounts such that through them so the price tag rose. Someone at the top is very profitable, that was the highest price tag per square meter, it was invented beautiful Cossack about evil, but held the Russians. "
"Means mafia launders. Taken in kickbacks from the budget. Later to buy their plants-palaces-steamers. And say untainted funds has picked up from spotless business — real estate business."
Alexander Brechak your own blog on the website writes Our homeland that recently reiterated the need had spent almost 3 billion Russian rubles for equipment "western border Union countries":
"And what reason for us nationwide and on the western edge of the crowd to catch illegal immigrants, all modes of transport are sent en masse by the Russian Federation and the vast Eurasia to Europe? Who needs those and let them catch … (…) The only reason which can be Belarusian authorities to explain the zeal and continue to strengthen the western border, — additional revenue to the budget in the form of duties and other charges. "
The blog appeared R_a_t__k_i_n_g’a Cuban favorite photograph of Fidel Castro. However, with the person he had little recollection of Alexander Lukashenko. "Fidel Castro is alive — sire blog writes. — It is now demonstrated on BT."
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