On the border with Belarus will meet European musicians

Festival organizers promise that "Be2Gether" would be lovely to hear and see the possibility of the world famous group. In Lithuania come "Morcheeba", "Bloodhound Gang", "The Yong Knives", "Datarock", "Zion Train", which usually appear on the most popular festivals and concerts. Naturally, will be the most popular with users of Lithuanian artists — Andrius Mamontovas, "Skamp", "G & G sindikatas", "Pieno lazeriai", Joanna with her project "Joana and the Wolf".
Prestigious group come from Iceland ("Leaves"), Finland ("Poets of the Fall"), Latvia ("Tribes of the City"), Poland ("Myslovitz").
Invited three Belarusian group. Knows the soloist "IQ-48" Alexander:
"We are very pleased that from the Belarusian bands we were invited together with" lapis "and" Drum Extasy ". Hunting fun to play there, the usual kontsertik" grohnuvshy. "
Reporter: "And what will you do immediately?"
Alexander: "Naturally, we will play Belarusian songs. Just published such works, that they normally listen on the big stage outdoors. Thought out sequence so perfectly lined up songs, one after another."
Festival organizers promise is not just an exciting musical program from — going to do workshops, discussions, musical performances, exhibitions, games, tasting Lithuanian dishes. Nights around XVI century castle has tantsklyub work, and the audience will start enjoying the popular British and French dj’i.
The festival offers about 30 thousand visitors from different countries. It is understood that there will be many Belarusians. After all, to the border with Belarus — only a couple of hundred meters.
Part of the amount purchased for the festival tickets go Belarusian town Chechersk children affected by the Chernobyl disaster.
Belarusian Foreign Ministry earlier issued a statement in which encouraged Lithuania will not allow "hostile propaganda campaigns, nyadabrasusedkay, anti-Belarusian orientation" during the festival "Be2Gether".
Video and live broadcasts from the festival to listen to the waves of "Liberty" on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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