Organizers of the march Euro urge the authorities to dialogue

Journalists in the office of the BPF met representatives of the negotiating group with the authorities — BPF Yuri Khadika and Viktor Ivashkevich, coordinator of the "Charter 97" Andrei Sannikov, UCP activist Stanislav Bogdanovich and representative international organization "Business Initiative" Misha Marinich. Nine days they sent back the appeal to the presidential administration.
"As long as there is information that the letter came, that is taken into consideration Presidential Administration. This letter by its content not only appeal to Pyatkevich, and not only appeal to Lukashenka, but an appeal to all the people working in state government. "
The appeal states that the initiative Euro march appeared as a result of opposition zeal to achieve rapprochement between Belarus and Europe. Also intrigued about the statements of the authorities to strengthen the euro vector. But before This time authorities to respond to the proposal no. According to friends of the negotiating group, practical step towards the beginning of a dialogue may be agreement on mutual and peaceful conduct of the Euro march.
Viktor Ivashkevich said:
"There was an appeal of the European Commission, the European Union to Belarusian people before Belarusian authorities. We answer. What answer will power, she should think. We urge the authorities to realize that it is profitable to give a positive answer. But if the pro-Russian forces in the government, to which a nomenclatural revolution, organize dispersal Euro march — this power problem. We will not object nomenclature coup from the Russian special services.
The situation is such that presented here overcomes the negotiating group Young people in opposition, which they say is fully justified, with whom you want to read? Any negotiations with the criminal regime. But if the government will deal with provocations, will be strengthened destructive forces that are not in favor of the government and the opposition. "
Yuri Khadika said:
"The opposition takes the initiative to this action was accomplished in a simple manner, without batons without paddy, no political prisoners, and that it is profitable power. Because without this step, there can be no concessions from the Euro Union."
Andrei Sannikov Lately go to Brussels for the organizing committee instructed shares. The purpose of the visit — to intensify campaign for Euro march and democratization in Belarus.
"Marsh — a response to the appeal of the European Union to Belarus. As explained by Benita Ferrero-Waldner, was the cry and to the government and to the people. She said that the government no severe reaction was not. And this — the answer from the people you can count. What yes many people, which support the European direction of Belarus.
The confrontation did not bring fruit or the opposition, nor the authorities. There will not be any storms. The intention is to show support for the euro destinations, making a peaceful demonstration. "

Conciliation Commission: the future of Belarus associated with the European Union

These labels appear again and again on the streets of Minsk

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