Orsha Battle-2007 took place in spite of mass arrests

Policemen guarding the participants bard festival since yesterday morning. About 20 people were detained in Orsha or on the outskirts of town. More than 60 people were in Orsha district police station with a bus stop in the village Gatkovschina. Entrance to the village was blocked by police cars, and all police officers who seemed suspicious persons, were brought to the police station.

Stop "Gatkovschina" — under the control of the police

Midst Gatkovschina were detained in Brest branch manager "Junior Front"Andrew Sharenda, Minsk activists Lena Makarevich, Catherine Krasnov, Catherine Galician, Dmitri Fedoruk, Natalia Starostin and Dennis Sadowski, young people from other cities.
Militiamen, not making any protocols positioned detained for several hours in the police department and later released all, not counting Dennis Sadowski. Blame him for disobeying police officers: Tipo during detention, he scratched the hand of one of the policemen. Last night he spent in the area.
More than 5 hours had to spend in Orsha artist Ales Pushkin police department, who tried to get on the field Krapivinskaya through police cordons. In this field set cross in memory of the fallen soldiers as a memorial plaque, which meant time to inaugurate today bard festival. But the discoveries did not work, because from September 7 on the field no one is allowed police and military. They say there demining shells that remained on the Tipo since majestically Russian war.
In Dubrovno police department for a few hours and got Orsha activist Yuri Koptik, engaged naryhtovvannem firewood in Krapiuna field.
Since the mass celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha failed, people began to gather separately. One large group of fans Belarusian bard gathered near the village Krapivna, and another — near the village Syaglava.

Already in the dark police began searching the area along the highway Orsha Dubrovno. Because Orsha activist Gennady Shepelyov suggested using his canoe on the river so nettle deliver to one of the makeshift fires Paul Sevyarinets policy.

Gennady Shepelyov moved Paul Sevyarinets kayaking

Seviarynets Paul: "The Battle of Orsha Continues"

In the afternoon, police detained about 20 people on the banks of the river near the village Syaglava Nettle. About 8 am and the road towards the village Gatkovschina police suspended 4 more participants bard festival, including Bard Andrei Melnikov and artist Ales Pushkin, who went to the site is already the second time in the last day.
All the detainees were in the police for more than 4 hours. Their protocols were not only copied passport data.
Now Orsha police department remain Ales Pushkin and youth activists from Minsk Lena Makarevich and Alexei Januszewski. It seems that they may bring against criminal case for insulting the municipal signs: the police saw that some of the detainees threw out the window the municipal flag.
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