P. Sadowski approval of state symbols in 1991: We were drunk with happiness …

Report in question did Neil Gilevich symbolism as chairman of the committee on culture and education
"He was a brilliant, if you take just the content. From the perspective of psychology, it is somehow a little nashusheryv, instituted this taciturn communist most. Sounded in his voice a reproach. And it was scary. Was sitting, and so I heard psychologically skin that will not pass it all. Like stallions as boars are sitting these communists.
Went on a break, and a break was put all the "heavy artillery". All he knew was surrounded Tarazevich and Platonov. Platonov was then president of the Academy, and he brought the conclusion of the Institute of History and the Presidium of the Academy, it seems. He spoke first after the break. He seems to be a little room vlagodiv. But these state farm directors, all of these communist bosses he perceived not very good. Young, earning money in America … The main change occurred due to mental performance Tarazevich. He spoke, as if in a sign system perakadavavsya hall. Read in their own language, simply. But his figure itself forced veterans to raise the head, face softened a little, and there was some hope that it all goes. "
While voting was necessary to dial 231 and the voice of this figure appeared on the monitor …
"I wish to say that the first vote we had passed, did not have enough votes. Shortly, with the support of organized Bulakhova Shushkevich second vote. I remember there any minimum voice or two there, it took this decision. Then jumping these communists Kachan there … They say there napaskudili something is not true voted. But as statedcamping, the train had already left, the vote was. "
We all had tears in the eyes …
Were perceived as the results of voting in the hall?
"More than half were satisfied that it came out. Naturally, we all had tears in the eyes. Was such a time, the era of standing in the yard, and it weighed. Mass and stood in the square pressed. But we were split parliament. And something we’ve achieved through the art of opposition. Due to the same Poznyak. He was a great organizer. He was a good strategist and tactician. Specifically, due to the clever work of the opposition almost everything was. "
Flag on the building of the Supreme Council for the next day changed.
"In my opinion, the next day in the morning. Happy people came. Pozniak came to the area in 6 hours on the second day. Yes we were all so drunk with happiness … And I remember the people in the square. It was kind of this spring, which came in the fall. Was such lifting. was a general atmosphere of expectation of great change, happiness, etc.. Titenkov And when later tore the flag on the roof, I remember a NIGHT MODE heart pain. NIGHT MODE I lie and I lines come from Bogdanovich: "May you have heard heart nights at home to page hurts." Here it’s just physical pain shot through me when I heard that he tore up there on the rag this flag. "
In the spring of 1995, Alexander Lukashenko, has initiated the referendum, which foresaw, among other, the abolition of state white-red-white flag and emblem of "race" as a municipal signs and giving Russian language equal status with Belarusian.

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