People on Freedom

On the future of the Belarusian economy
Ales Martinovic, Baranovichi:
"In any case, Lukashenko or sell businesses to foreign investors or their pryhvatyzue" advanced "range. Seems that no matter what happens, the new owners will be interested in the successful operation of these companies in the stability and guaranteed income.
A repeat of 1990’s 91 th (mass strikes) will not. How not to be disorderly and grabbing on the model of the one that occurred in Yeltsin of Russia and Ukraine in kuchmavskogo 1990s.
With regard to the likely energy crisis due to soaring prices for resources, our homeland will not do. Moscow moderate beneficial crisis, so cunningly change Lukashenko to power the pro-Moscow group nomenclature.
Spring of 1996 was the peak of Western dempraektu agony in Belarus, which tried to bring the scheme neighbors. March 2006 was, in fact, the collapse of this dempraektu. Historical destiny pushes himself Belarus in recent form to repeat what people have done the newest part of the European Union the first time in 1918, and the second — in 1989, 91 m respectively. Belarus has been through 100, 90, 15 years to repeat everything anew in non-standard form, on the basis of Russian culture and love of the Russian Federation and Moscow. "
On the civilian freedom
Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk:
"Our government knows how to make a lock-up and for those who formally freedom: it is when you do not pay wages, do not give the make, do not allow to do good for people, and for most of the country. Evenly, but you methodically lowered to the level of an animal. Around leaders hold themselves subservient giant prohibitively razdmutuyu custody. If so many guards, you need to have the same number of opponents and befitting — differently as to justify the costs? Remember "The Gulag Archipelago" Solzhenitsyn NKVD, not to go to war, artificially prepared "revolt" in camps … We have reached the point that offenders announce kids — only for what they dare to think and read not because it prescribes bosses. Not enough, connect the ideology and even the clergy.
To dismiss uncontrollably from work, invented the contract. And be sure to check — or you run to vote a week before the official election as ordered. "
Valentine Sokolovich, village Bakshty Ivie area:
"Works many people do not. And who find the truth? Lude humiliated and marginalized.
Not so long ago Ive begged in Center of social protection for the poor sop — allowance for the kid to the school year. So the teacher snatched it from my hand as I signed for — I have not even touched those funds. What savagery and humiliation.
… Not so long ago in the church met with a lady who has a small daughter — 3-4 years. Child grows up an orphan: his father killed. Vorachivalsya a day wages home, carrying tools. Have found drowned.
… Thanks for Radio Liberty that give people speak out for reading human bitter confession. And in general, making sure our people, I am more convinced of the servants, in which no sovereign, does not make them free: servility at them in the shower. "
On the culture of the language
Konstantin Syrel, Ushachi:
"One look at the channel" Lad. "Transfer of war, acts of her party, gray-haired old man se. On the display appears the inscription in Russian — last veteran and his military profession," artelerist. "So, specifically through the" e "after" t "and one" l "- two errors in one word.
Listen to the radio channel "Culture" (!). And you must understand that in the near future we many use where you need and do not need the word "like", it’s just kind of an epidemic. And, behold, there is a conversation about poetry (obviously in Russian). Leading transmission and reads: "Bertolt Brecht would like." Cost then wonder what you read in the local newspaper: "In the east Alela zahleb sun …"
And our bureaucrats, speaking on the radio or television, peraplevvayuts all. They are, for example, almost all missed school theme "ordinal numbers" on Russian (Belarusian language about not saying it because they seem generally not studied). It was noticeable from the first two thousand years. What did not hear from them — and "dvuhtysyachnopervy" and "dvetysyachnopervy" and "dvuhtysyachepervy" yes God knows how. It seems that it will have to listen again to our great-great-great-grandchildren, because the second millennium has not yet completed soon. "
On the level of FM-stations in Belarus
Ales Charnyavchyk, Minsk:
"Language is not rotated call these Russian station. When I’m on Narach always put the receiver on the Lithuanian station. Lithuanian Language not know, but the quality of music programs there is quite different. Pleasantly amazed that not only in the Lithuanian language with songs of different genres, but and the Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, British. Music in the main tasteful. Such you hardly hear the waves Belarusian stations. But it is not only about music. Here are some examples.
Regional radio. Eating in the car on Friday. Like all fans, I know that Wednesday is a football match for an exit in the group stage BATE Stsyava (it ended 2-2). And here hear, so to speak, "sports columnist" Dasha Klyuykov (I could be wrong in the names) irrepressible voice reports that eventually BATE 2-islyandskay meetings with team came in the subsequent round and meet the winner of Stsyava team from Poland .
"Operational" work in the 21st century, do not say anything. And in fact — is "plywood" to the ears of listeners. Recorded week reversed material played on a couple of times a day.
2nd example. Monday afternoon this case I get on wave Radius FM. Bodrenky culture columnist, whose colleagues (and he himself) the name of Alexander, starts with anecdotes. Remember how in the Russian years walking funny stories about Jews and Chukchi? But Alexander decided pasmyashyts all joke about Belarusians. About such content. Belarusian goes tolerable the street on his head poured a bucket of mud. Belarusian pauses and says aloud: "What if a man walked …"
Certainly, there was to laugh, but personally I had a feeling that slop bucket poured none other as "pochetaemy" Alexander. And not only me. "
On the abolition of social benefits
Paul Satz, village cankers Malorita district:
"Who did not have such benefits — against the decision of the president do not mind. For example, my mom — invalid second group of gas and electricity had no benefits. Discounts were only for travel on public transport, it does not use the same transport.
But there is another problem: how we become disabled? For example, a woman — invalid of the 1st group, theoretically it should be recumbent unhealthy. And it is on the market trades. Where is the truth? People said: "I bought a group of disability for a bribe." My cousin is sick, but he was more than a third of disability do not give. And behind it needs control: can not work, can not even guard. And ultimately — live on 114 thousand rubles pension. And if "gilded handle" who need to — everything would be different.
In the case of benefits need order — here no one disputes. But before that you need to prosecute doctors determining disability. "
On the Russian past
Ilya Kopil, Minsk:
"I am Russian time — it empty shelves in stores, solid line Talen rassredotachivaniya system. People received only a small part of what is earned. Most earned went through hidden taxes in the so called public funds use. During Gorbachev’s perestroika became known later Numbers placed then in the metropolitan newspaper "Socialist Industry": retired payroll Russian man was calculated 36 percent of housing — 22, health — 11, on education — 10. Well, and so on. As a result, hands person received only 4 and a half to six and a half percent of what is earned. What and ranged from 70 to 150 rubles. Wage 200 rubles envied. easy to calculate that the real monthly wage fund on 1 employee had to then be about 3,000 Russian rubles. Here are the wages we had to pay.
And what happened with the so-referred to as "free" apartment? People stood in line for 10-15 years. And how much more needed to be had spent time and nerves to become a the wrong place.
Besides, not everyone can take advantage of this public fund use. Many did not wait for kindergarten — the kids have grown. People received no education monotonous one finished 7 classes, the second — the university. One resting in a sanatorium once a year, the second — never in my life. And taxes are equally paid.
Russian system of hidden taxes and special collections preserved, and perhaps even become more carnivorous. For example, if you use a paid medicine, then pay twice: hidden tax plus specific payment services. Similarly, in the education system. A pension fund at the moment for the country — just a gold mine, Klondike. Each employee during the working time take 36 percent of payroll. But we have until retirement is not enough who survives. I am often in the North Cemetery: my wife is buried there. Freshest disposal — almost entirely men 50 and 60 years. Such an impression that the state is profitable: savings. But where are these funds, the society is not able to check that we have voluntarily given up control as a result of the referendum of 1996. "
On the responsibility for the memory Protz
Lena Kemerovo, Grodno:
"At one point, fate sent me the opportunity to see the Protz own — as they were at the end of the 19th century. Flipping magazine and saw those who have not thought never to behold. Pictured — Gurov Jewish family, my forefathers. Judging by not very new men’s shoes head of the family, have a huge wealth they were not. But in order to make the photo postponed pennies, economized. Wear clothes, in which on Saturdays walking to the synagogue. Knew about to leave a memory for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Often, I think, in whose archives saving these snapshots as survived the war, the Holocaust, it’s doctors 1953 years? .. Keep these photos in the family album was unsafe.
I have pictures of my family from those pre-war years. In the photo — and 2-3-year-old kids who suffocated in gas chambers, and remained for a long time the children. If they, our forefathers were able to look at us from out of nowhere. Glad they? Either would be upset? "
On the celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha
"Good evening," Freedom! "How enjoys first Belarusian president to reporters his improvisation! Such relaxed, bold as willing throws the opposition and even some in the direction of the Russians, the Kremlin. But he remembers that his power The Kremlin has promoted come and holds to this day. Because prevents lukashism Krapivinskaya field. photograph I stayed with crushed newspaper "Freedom," where the Belarusian men on September 8 Krapiuna Field took an oath of allegiance to the Belarus-homeland. And at the moment the young fighter Belarusian kids, teachers carry on "Stalin Line". Suvorov, Bolshevik bayonets were taken from Lithuanians, Belarusians Belarus. And at the moment who? Yes Krapivinskaya field to teach our children to protect the homeland. Thanks. All the best. "
"This is an eyewitness of those events Krapivenskaya near Orsha, what happened, that mess that happened in these days of near Orsha. His already akrystsili" New carnage. "It’s just a nightmare. Militia again substituted, they Gefesty that command Prameteya, although in fact it is shameful. Indicates there is a perception that there is some force that compels them to do so, even though they themselves can, and do not want. was evident as they looked away and really almost did not put a huge violence. But that got hooked recognizable painter Ales Marachkin and against him will Tipo "sew" a criminal case, it’s just chaos! Again someone is profitable, that such conscientious people destroyed. It’s just complete garbage out there that some of mine were. Again, the question of power: why you could not previously carry out this work? And it looks, indeed, as complete nonsense. Thank you. "
Eugene, Orsha:
"Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "I wish to express my outlook on the prohibition of the celebration of the Battle of Orsha. Anymore disturbance.’s Just laughter.’s Funny — Authorities fear the people who came on the field in the open air 12 kilometers from Orsha to commemorate Protz. 1999 I celebrate in Krapiuna Orsha battle field and only this year has not been able, as she worked on this day. On the part of the authorities is just psychosis, personality disorder with paranoid syndrome. She herself compromise. They have long conspired to something similar. And the last two years overwhelm field provocateurs. This was of course, they stood out among us ruskamovem and swearing. They committed theft. Stolen from girls passport, phone, and in the past year in our flags.
Our Greek Catholic priest is not released, stopped at the exit of the town car, arrested him along with the believers in the offices of the traffic police for 3 hours. Every year at the Cross served prayer in memory of our fallen Protz. What’s in this disgusting? But let everyone know prayer still held on Sunday September 9th in Orsha on victims in Krapiuna field our forefathers. Long live Belarus! "
On the persecution of youth
"Power made a real hunt for the Young and Paul Sevyarinets probably wants to rot in jail. Indeed, after a two-year reference it is the third time thrown in jail. How can sneer patriots who are not indifferent to the fate of Russia! Authorities, think about what you doing! Fear God! You mortify our future! "
The Attitude to Lukashenko
"Alexander Lukashenko, I appeal to you to. Tell me, please, as you read by television and radio, that you stand for people and kids?’s Not true. Volkovich Why shut down in school? Ibid two-story is not a bad school. Kids travel more than 20 km to school! Currently more. You states that in rural areas is not enough people. Their was not enough and will not be enough! Nobody of them not fussing! If a person wants to live in the countryside, you do not give his turn! Bureaucrats his hurt, humiliated. You understand it perfectly, and look at it relaxed. Why such anarchy you? You state that help people.’s not true! Stop You heresy When I listen to your speech, I hunt for spit you in the eye! During your nesumlennasts! During your injustice! During your negligence, You do not care about the people you care only about hockey, football and nothing else! So, really, at the moment not enough people die from hunger, but soon from cold and hunger, as the people are not fussing, people abandoned! sassy lying to the people in the eye, You added a small pension, a penny! And prices rose god knows how! A quality! priobretesh Bread for the money if still warm, other words can be, and when cool, then I’m sorry for being rude, it is not a dog wants not what man! At us such desolation! During that our ancestors put their heads? "
"Russian governor Ants, went down in history as the" hangman-general, "said:" What did not complete the Russian bayonet, Russian will finish school. "How could imagine for yourself this general that it there is a sequence represented by the Belarusian president, who destroys all belaurskae faster than Russian bayonet school? If there is another term prezydentstva, the Belarusian language in Belarus will be as Mongolian in Kyrgyzstan. And in order to form matched content, Belarus lost. 15 years ago, the Belarusian language in the province could be heard and find out, and now the village kids not rauzmeyuts Belarusian language. How many ills let us make this so called "prezyadent"? And the Belarusian people, having bought at the hideous deception and often treacherous prazdnichkom collective farmer wakes up one day in the Russian empire. "
"All the same, our president — killing people. Replaced in order to end their own days to thank Stanislav Shushkevich for what now need not stand" at attention "to the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, instead of thanking Stanislaus Stanislavovitch for that, thanks he became Alexander G. Belarus God, king and supreme commander, instead of this — one dark ingratitude and dark envy. Alexander G. can not accept. Certainly, he would not survive, that the Nobel Peace Prize nominated not him, but Stanislav Shushkevich. "
"Dear editors of" Freedom ", tell me where we get products? Already they say, from Russia carrots two to three times more expensive. So what would later be read as if in 10 years all the land and buildings stocking all sorts of ways? I’m not I can understand where it comes. This is not the president, and the thief’s own land and people. It se is not needed here, since he does not like the Belarusian people. He wants to kill this people, especially the poor pensioners. What does it all -still for an increase of 7.5% is 25 thousand. And prices increase much more. leaves, that took three times more than the pension padvsiv. So do not know what’s going on. "

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