Plan of action on September 28 in opposition does not

Last political prisoner Alexander Kozulin, who served in the bullpen over 2 years after a mass protest on the presidential election in 2006, is going to come to October Square on September 28, when the polls closed. He believes that there may come all voters whose voice will not be heard by election commissions.
"Not saying that hardly we can count on mass street action, because people in recent years are tired of protests. Because even the greatest optimists do not expect, there will be very huge number of people. But even if released 5-10 thousand, it will be very severe time by the standards of our Belarusian society. And it will mean that the electoral had a lot of problems and shortcomings. "
Sovereign Kozulin noted that in principle and will be significant and that the authorities will react to this action.
Favourite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski believes that the Belarusian authorities will most likely not go to the dispersal of voters in the eyes of foreign observers and journalists. The main objective of this action, according to Barshchevsky follow:
"To seek new elections, state that the election authorities were unable to hold as follows, and new elections are needed. This is practically the only slogan that can be."
By Liavon Borshevsky in action September 28 NO organizers, it will be spontaneous. Would be the one who decides cheated during these elections.
But in the United Democratic Forces no full unity in realizing the goals and meaning of the post-election campaign on September 28. Favourite Belarusian Party of Communists Sergei Kalyakin not inconsistent with its holding, but believes that the action will not be fruitful:
"Today, people are not ready. No motivation to do so. Those who have called for a boycott and once to enter the area, people quite confused because the person who did not go to vote — he did not steal anything, its nothing do not be fooled. Against which he will go to protest? I do not believe that there will be a lot of people and that there will be a national outrage. "
Yet the emperor himself Kaljakin personally going to come to October Square.
"People will come, and we will come back. If people there are, then we should be there. But I do not see that we continue to will do there with these people. What’s Next? Some attack wish something go — it’s stupidity and a provocation! "

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