Plant will not, but do not abolish repressive articles

"Even if you want to top the repressive machine of the brakes can not"
Tsigankov "Trials of With 2 Malady — Anastasia Azarko of Nesvizha and Ivan Shyla Salihorsk showed that planting of young activists, as well as in the spring when Malady awarded a penalty, the authorities are not going to. Then there is a legitimate question — why this process, what message it carries society? Or just working mechanism that is already difficult to stop — he must end the tribunal and appropriate verdict? "
Protko: "Indeed, there is such a thing -" the inertia of the authorities’ law enforcement agencies and work on it. BHC wrote an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal that the article of the Criminal Code (approx 193), in which the Young judged to be unconstitutional. It does not gives citizens the ability to use its right participate in public life, to form associations.
With all of this unprincipled, what activities are carried out in the "unregistered organization". Even if registered organization was created to support the President, they can be planted and fined. By the way, it would be interesting to look at these processes.
Even in the 1930s people were tried for "anti-Soviet activity" and not for activities that are permitted in the Constitution "
Tsigankov: "Is there any political logic for these things?"
Chausov: "It’s all quite simple. At the technical level in the Criminal Code is an article in the state do more repressive machine, which includes courts, prosecutors, Ministry of Internal Affairs. While the Code is such an article, things will start, because they need to justify their existence, their earnings.
We spring during that Young Front beheld things that even if you want top of the machine can not stop. When the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Pyatkevich tried to stop it, it did not work, the case anew to start. Because while this article there, as there is this repressive system, it will look for an opportunity to show their effectiveness Tipo.
Let me remind you that not counting the "Young Front" and "partnership" had other things. This deal Homel youth center "Hart" and warning for the activities as part of an unregistered organization sociologists Oleg Manaev was not so long ago cautioned activists’ Association of Belarusian students. " So that the machine will work, while there is this stuff. "
"I rule out any possibility of real step towards European values"
Tsigankov, "Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky, speaking in Brussels, calls for more closely political cooperation with the EU and to the expansion of European investments in the Belarusian economy. But the existence of these repressive articles able to do what impracticable to improve relations with Europe. Can occur some time that taking into account the immediate tasks with Russian, Belarusian authorities "for Europe" will be obliged to end the political process? "
Protko: "Going to Europe — a movement to a certain system of values. In this system to exist and operate civilian society is central. This is something that the Belarusian authorities are not willing to recognize. They all put their trust that the attitude towards NGOs — it is for Europeans any game of democracy. And in fact it’s just brand new system of values, without which European civilization is not valid and does not develop.
And if Belarusians want to live because people live in European countries, we have to take this system. And of course, to abandon such articles in the Penal Code, and to enable young people to create their own future because they want to. "
Tsigankov: "It’s all right, but how do you think, can the power to abolish repressive articles, or in her sight it will be very huge departure from the previous steps?"
Protko "Fact, that the Belarusian government has the right and left hand, and often one does not know making other. On the one hand, stricter repression, and on the other — to take some measures to suspend them. I do not exclude the possibility that exposure to the deterioration of relations with Russia, the Belarusian authorities will do some steps towards Europe and cancel these articles. "
Chausov: "I strongly disagree with Ms. Tatiana, I rule out any possibility of real step towards European values, including in the form of cancellation of these articles. Fact that Europe also has a different legal system, and even more so in neighboring states EU permitted the existence of different norms. For example, Turkey, a candidate for joining the European Union, has similar articles of the Criminal Code.
What interests of European politicians? They are interested in, so that people were sitting in jail not because of their beliefs. And the presence of the Penal Code article some not so principled. On the other hand, even if this article cancel Belarusian legislation sufficient capacity (even more so taking into account the unlawful disposition of our country), that punish dissent on other grounds.
Because I think that it will develop such makarom: plant for his role in unregistered organizations will not. But as a whip, like Damocles’ sword these articles remain. A Europe that need? So that people do not sit at their beliefs. And will not. "

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