Police beat activists who prayed about the church of St. Joseph

In total, according to Dmitry Fedoruk, gathered more than 80 Young people. Police officers and civilian officials were about the same. At 8.20 police were ordered and began to squeeze against the will of the youth from the area around the church, with all this, many were beaten. "I got the leg, near the lady knocked in his tummy. Currently all of us squeezed in the alley behind the church," — says Dmitry Fedoruk on the phone. In this time in the tube were heard cries of "Long live Belarus!"
"We just took out of the trolley from the church … we reached the area of Bangalore. Kicked us out of the trolley, along with all those who went there. Tried to detain us … Now go KGB … Riot policemen there thrashed women and adult women who did not participate at all in the action. "
Dmitriy Fedoruk said beheld detention 1st Protester.

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