Policemen on duty at all sites

For permission to hold a rally addressed only representatives of an unregistered organization "Young Front".
Spokesman for the Interior Ministry Oleg Slepchenko said "Freedom" that police officers are on duty at each polling station.
"We orient personnel. Exhibited at the polls made more employees. Well, in the very day of elections in crowded places people will tightened and additional police patrols will look for situations to prevent a violation of the law. "
Joint civilian favorite games Anatoly Lebedko believes that September 28 will be released on October Square in people symbol of protest against the violations that gave reason to believe the election undemocratic and therefore invalid.

"Making any predictions in our situation is difficult. Everything will depend on the mood of the 1st person. I do not expect a lot of people, because these elections are not a question of power and hope for change is small. So predict a huge number of people were would be incorrect. Instead, experts they say that people will be a little from the political point of view it makes no sense to agitate people to go out.
But, apart from the political side, there is still a moral. If we declare that the election campaign unjust, illegitimate, we must be turn. Necessary to protest against injustice. "
Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" filed two weeks reverse request for permission to hold a rally on October Square. Applicants expect that the shares will perceive the role to a thousand people.
Soligorsk activist says "Young Front" Alexei Vorobyov:
"We consider it necessary to go to the area on September 28 because we have to show their attitude to what is happening in our country: Nevyluchenne opposition candidates in the election commissions, since the beginning of the week the authorities are forced to vote students, working people under threat of dismissal, police have virtually all voted …
This is an obvious farce and everything is done in order to make the results of those who want power. "
Malady believe that the authorities will try to preventively detain youth activists in Minsk and regions to isolate them at the time of the street action. 7 days in jail serving Homel activist Andrew Tsyanyuta, is removed from the train on the way to Minsk. Observers believe that the number of detainees will increase with the approach of the election date.

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