Polish border guards and customs officers left Warsaw Bridge

Only 105 days Poland officially join the Schengen area. But the Polish border guards and customs officers have already left "Warsaw Bridge".
Here’s what he said now, our correspondent from Brest:
"At the border crossing" Warsaw Bridge "no queues. On site number 1 out of Poland — about 20 cars, mostly with Polish rooms. At the exit there are eight control strips. Serve them only Belarusian service. Polish customs officials went to Terespol. Joint inspection anymore. border with Poland became more standard. More orderly. "
According to the Municipal Customs Committee of Belarus, through the "Warsaw Bridge" in This year moved more than 2.5 million people and nearly 600 thousand cars.
Get a sitter for the moment passes the border faster?
Outlook customs duty Igor Trumps:
"This is still excellent, nobody knows. Process only went realize? Until the full track is still far away."
The Polish kansulyatse in Brest said that queues at the border crossing in Terespol not now. Cars from Belarus took only 40.
For the inhabitants of the town of Boris Gorbachev traveled to Poland as before remain a source of replenishment of the family budget. Previously brought odezhku and products. Currently exporting fuel. His outlook:
"But that may change What was on this side, and it will be there. I think that will change anything, since then, when the Polish visas can not be obtained for 5 bucks."
Commented international commentator Andrei Fedorov:
"With one side, You can pout on Europe that it introduce such measures, and with On the other hand — need to sulk and our government. He does not go towards Europe and not make it a criterion for improving relations. As I think, all depends on our people. If it is uncomfortable, let them put up a claim to Belarusian authorities too. "

Cooperative border and customs control on the "Warsaw Bridge" began in 1992. In 2003, the border crossing "Warsaw Bridge" reconstructed. Its capacity — up to 2,700 vehicles per day. Polish border crossing point "Terespol" was under renovation since 2002.

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