Polish spies on trial behind closed doors

4 Belarusian people blame the collection and transfer of information to a foreign country on a mission of foreign intelligence.
This is the last major armed forces Vladimir Ruskin, the last Major Viktor Bogdan, military radio brigade-Defense Forces of Belarus Pavel and Sergei Pyatkevich Korneliouk.
Vladimir Russkina still blame foreign espionage organization citizen. As told in the press service of the Supreme Court, it is expected that the process will continue for about 2-weeks. But he held behind closed doors.
Knows spokeswoman Anastasia Tsimanovich:
"The process is closed. To preserve municipal secrets. Implicit and there are certain limits beyond which we simply can not go."
Another defendant in the criminal case — Major Russian army Sergei Yurenya. Earlier Russian Tipo come in repentance to the Russian Federal Security Service, and said about his collaboration with Polish intelligence.
In the Belarusian KGB and Russian FSB refused to read this topic. Anastasia Tsimanovich said:
"He goes on as a witness this case and participates in the process. "
Other disk imaging in the Supreme Court did not say — not even dubbed names judges and lawyers.
Case of Polish spies brought shortly before the resignation of former KGB chief Stepan Sukharenko. The Belarusian leader referred to her as "one of the bright flashes" in the work of the security services.
Reporter "Gazety Wyborczej» Andrzej Poczobut mentioned that the scandal involved with the Polish spies last head of the KGB in the Grodno region Viktor Weger:
"At this time enough Poles Alliance was very developed. I low representation of him as a man who can expose something. Some confidence in the KGB, I personally have not. In Belarus, this institution is the same as it was in Russian Union. And "Polish spies" strongly condemned this institution a lot. "
According to human rights activist Oleg Volchek, the Spy is not so harsh as her wish to submit authorities:
"It was provoked by Russia itself. But at the moment a catchy criticism against Poland or unwind in the case of municipal media, we do not see. Sometime Lukashenko praised the KGB for" Polish spies. "But at the moment the other political moment.
Now wish to go to an alliance with the European Union, on the friendly relations. Because at the moment it is not beneficial process against Poland. Overvoltage authorities here do not. If there is something severe was, they would have already made a number of television series, documentaries, movies, and would have shown how unsafe was organized group that sold all these secrets. "
Namecnik KGB chairman Weger said in July that the main spies Tipo interested state information combined missile defense system of Belarus and Russia.
As reported on television, one of the detainees Vladimir Ruskin said that he was recruited Polish intelligence on the ground in Poland. By him, upon arrival to Poland border guards found the alcohol in his car, the amount of which is 5 times higher than normal, and the Polish intelligence said that no direct attention to it, if he becomes resident in Belarus.
Spy process will begin on September 4, 29.08.2007 • Case "Polish spies" transferred to the tribunal, 9.08.2007 • Deputy Chairman of the KGB in the air ONT said the alleged spies, 16.07.2007

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