Prague accent: What ideology suited Belarusians?

Efforts and results
Drakakhrust: "First, the school, the Education Ministry has sent to all schools, universities and technical schools latest, of mandatory to perform" applets continuing education kids and youth. "Applets Purpose — strengthening the ideological education of youth, forming her right attitudes and behaviors. Immediately and BRYU together with the Department of Youth Mingorispolkom drafted a "civilian self-education on the youth."
In short, the ideological work intensifies, expands and deepens, as stated at the time Komsomol workers. But both then and now the question arises, what kind of fruit give these unspeakable forces, as they really sformirovyvaetsya generation devotional today’s government is ready to support and protect her and her ideas? Andrew, you have a special on the state ideology, the first word to you. "
Those who have beliefs, positive or negative based on the beliefs of the regime, their work is virtually no such effects have not Kazakevich
Kazakevitch: "I think that such measures can only have an additional impact on the formation of youth consciousness. I think that at a certain sector of young people will be affected, especially with respect to those who do not have strong views on political issues. Simply by routine demonstration municipal signs routine stories about the past pryvivaetstsa certain outlook. It is not connected with any fire or sense of true faith and beliefs motivated group here are first those who have no belief. Those who have beliefs, positive or negative based on the belief regime their work is virtually no such effects have not. "
Drakakhrust: "Franak Vyachorka, in this case is a question of your political opponents. Seems that you have answered this question — how effective is this whole system of ideological treatment of youth."
Vecherko: "In its own essence nothing wrong in the system of patriotic education is not, if it is not in favor of zombirovanii or other authorities, as in our case in favor of Lukashenko. Patriotic education is necessary, it is practiced in democratic countries, it pryvivaetstsa love and reverence for history, to culture, to the state symbols. We slightly distorted view of patryyatyzme, it is associated with a love of the current government. And that power will change once that there are different currents, different positions on the future of Belarus — this in This education does not say. I believe that education and that program that is currently developed by the Ministry of Education, will not bring anything new, there is nothing no supernova is full of empty formal instruction text. Another thing is how to treat this program there will be people local performers, namely teachers in schools and universities, as they will go out of their way to implement this program from. And here is you can expect a variety of even the most insecure consequences if consciously will ask for a certain position of power.
If power is not turned to the second Global War, not to Russian traditions, if they imitated experience NOT totalitarian Russian society, and, for example, applied to the education of the historical victories of Ostrog, Algirdas, Vytautas, if they looked slightly deeper and raised a little basic youth, he would have been an even greater impact. "
Drakakhrust: "Gleb Lobodenko, Vyachorka said that they are empty annotations. But in his time Komsomol work too seemed empty, but we are now we see, the older generation, which was then a young, pining for lost majestic power. And maybe, in this nostalgia is and outcome of the work. "
"If this ideology has no effect on the people, then they would find any creators to find more sophisticated methods." G.Labadenka
Lobodenko: "The fact that the sovereign Vyachorka, as I graduated from school and Kolosovsky because we take it so much. A majority of people did not finish Kolosovsky Lyceum. Few years ago I also thought — My God, to whom it is intended it’s just funny that they say and what they do is their "For Belarus." But later my opinion has changed. independence day on I was Masherov avenue, where the total planned singing the anthem. I went there too, if not paprykolvatstsa then look, how it will look, this apafeez Belarusian solidarity. And I was slightly scared glass eyes these people. If young people who just drank beer, really turned into any zombies. And I had a feeling that I kind of enemy, fat and that I needed to run as me at the moment, this mass razderet.
The steps that do, do indeed relatively passive part of our youth. Here the situation is the same as with my grandmother, she was already 13 years vote for Lukashenka, we had not discussed it because it’s stupid.
So it is with this applets. That part of the young people who fully understands what is happening, what has a head on his shoulders, that can think and draw conclusions, these young people, no one will brainwash. For all my life I have never been invited to the Youth Union. Because certainly impact goes those people, that do not determine it.
Today’s young people, people who did not choose this power when it chose, they still could not vote.
But now, when they get this right, it is clear that the government is doing is completely normal, trying to engage these young people in all ways. And about the formulas by which this happens, it scares me too.
Why Belarus bad beer? Since Belarusians n» are the beer, it suits them and the plants just do not do the best, and this will go. If this beer nobody drank, would have to get some new equipment, technologies change. If this ideology has no effect on the people, then they would find any creators to find more sophisticated methods. But the ways in which they have chosen, the audience to which they are oriented, fully fit. "
From the "Communist Manifesto" to the textbook dyarzhidealegii
Drakakhrust: "Already, Gleb and Franak — from different sides started talking about an ideological product. Though the ideology of Marxism was, cute for millions of people globally — from feral tribes in Africa to the English lords. In this sense, homegrown homemade ideologues such strong memories do not, textbooks dyarzhidealegii yes "Hey dad" for inspiring force to the "Communist Manifesto" and "Varshavyanka" somehow fall short. And maybe do not need to, can, and work so as to reach and use of new information technologies? Andrew, what do you think? "
Kazakevitch: "We live in an era when ideology did not have aggregate thoughts, ideology — it’s totality of signs, surface concepts existing in society and in different ways overwhelm people’s minds. This is especially topical for modern Belarus.
While in 2003 only began this conceptual design, it was already evident that the creation of a system of scientific or kvazinavukovyh thought to be ineffective, and will give greater effect information campaigns like "For Belarus". And practice, and evaluation in the municipal unit showed that the way it happens. Several mass actions or information campaigns at the municipal television even more effective than the rate of ideology in universities. Ideological influence — this is not only optimal pryshcheplivanne thoughts, and routine practice, for example, the continued demonstration signs. They are to a certain extent and forms the attitude towards the regime and to the whole country.
In principle, the ideology of modern society need not have, and in fact anywhere in the world has developed deep structure. It’s more of a system of signs that should give people a certain feeling. "
Drakakhrust: "Gleb, in your opinion, who forms the municipal segodnyaschy Belarusian ideology? Marxism, which we have already states in the benchmark had to sformirovyvaetsya people willing to kill and breathe the idea. To what extent is focused on municipal segodnyaschy Belarusian ideology? "

Whatever the anthem, but I hate when our athletes winning and just stand silent, behold, the glory of God, Tikhon presently won and began to sing a hymn G.Labadenka

Lobodenko: "We can read about these acts excellent or bad, but we are talking with their own point of view. And if you look the part, this government is doing everything entirely true, because no matter what kind of power in her place would have done the same thing, but with other accents apelyuyuchy to other concepts. For whatever anthem was not, whatever flag was not, no matter what kind of power should foster respect for and knowledge of these signs. Whatever the anthem, but I hate when our athletes winning stand and just keep quiet now, thank God, Tikhon presently won and began to sing a hymn. Authority educates own people, and is an ideology that is now everywhere declared that hangs on the billboards, which is displayed on BT — it educates people that Belarus " .
Drakakhrust: "Franak you, answering my first question, uttered that the government basically does everything right, but not on those traditions brings. Here if not brought up on Russian traditions, and traditions of Ostrog and Vytautas, all it would be great. And you are convinced that this would be another tradition itself really inspiring for Belarus? "

Belarusians as tolerant civilization, civilization as authoritative as intelligent civilization, I would have said, much better and easier to Belarusian perceived golden age ON F.Vyachorka

Vecherko: "That strategy, which is now chosen power overcomes NOT content and form. As rightly said pochetaemy sovereign Kazakevitch very well used technology, including information and political or zombirovanii or educate people as Gleb said. On my opinion, in this ideology NO content. Her one aim — to bring devotees devotees Lukashenko, prazambavanyh people faster than people, and "citizens" who will do according to the official line and no different.
Patriotic education required. Should hang everywhere, is the national flag, people should know the national anthem, people need to know not only exploits beeseseravtsav and the Red Army, and all peraddyarzhavy Republic of Belarus — Belarus and the People’s Republic, and stateliness Duchy of Lithuania, and build on the tradition of deep history of Belarus .
If we, for example, we turn to the adjacent of, there also developed a similar ideology and Putin basically duplicates what makes Lukashenko, after a delay of several years, the ideology in Russia is much more effective and meaningful than the current ideology in Belarus .
Modern Russian ideology is based on Russian imperialism on shavinizme characteristic to the Russian people, the Russian people specifically. Belarus segodnyaschy same pro-Soviet ideology does not fit. Belarusians as tolerant civilization, civilization as authoritative as intelligent civilization, I would have said, much better and easier to Belarusian perceived golden age ON. It would take a lot better than books Writers Union military lihaletstsya Russian and Belarusian books nashanivtsav-revivalists. People would be proud to own Belarus, Belarus in their associated not only with the president and the military, and specifically with prosperous cultural roots. "
Ideological "vertical" after the victory of the opposition
Drakakhrust: "Franak you a member of the BPF party that wants to come to power. And if once it comes to power, from your words I realized that ideological education it will also work. You so little disdainfully pronounced that segodnyaschy ideology educates dedicated and loyal. And for you will need a dedicated and loyal? "
Vecherko: "We need to realize that such pokorlivy that meant. I mean devotion specifically Lukashenko. Ideology in at least some European country, a democratic country …"
Drakakhrust: "Franak I interrupt you. And if they were indicted Franak Vyachorka, it would be even better?"
Vecherko: "I’m not talking about loyalty to one or another authority. It is a question of loyalty to country, loyalty to the people. Incorrectly when at least some achievement in the country — building public library, ice rink or superkamputara invention seems like a reward power. This should be rewards people and how they should be treated. When power is really popular, Belarus, Democratic, the focus of power peramestsitstsa on society. "
Drakakhrust: "Andrei Kazakevich, and your eyes, there is a certain similarity between the government and the opposition, that if the opposition was the power that led to ideological work on similar patterns?"

The opposition has no ideological consensus, as opposed to the present regime. Because if you read about a shift, one way or another it would be a concurrent mode Kazakevich

Kazakevitch: "It seems to me that an important element of the ideology that is gaining immense importance is not just conformity, not just education dedicated people, and Kangxi» yumeryzm. This element begins to dominate, if not, then be very very fundamental. It is not only that they say to people that they should submit to the authority, and that the government gives them fairly, giving them the ability to consume and that’s why the sight of them it is the only legitimate force, the only force that should be on the political scene.
Regarding the second question, I think that if the opposition became the power, the situation would be much different from today. What we mean by ideological work, it is still a work of the country which is developing plans, programs, determines which organizations are harmful that helpful. This process is currently more regulated than it would have been when the opposition was in power. The opposition has no ideological consensus, as opposed to the present regime. Because if you read about a shift, one way or another it would be a concurrent mode and if there was some patriotic work, it was associated with the most common elements of the state and public consciousness: it is national characters (of course, what would they be when such a change), this homage to the history (would be expanded historical horizon, it would be not only the twentieth century), and of the best ways to have changed. Most likely all segodnyaschy "ideological vertical" would not be, because she is economically inefficient, and consensus on how work should have this "vertical", between the representatives of the opposition would not be.
I think that if the state thought would be less associated with those people who are in power. Because at the moment, despite the fact that over time what we call the Belarusian state ideology, becoming more abstract, it is as if it is not directly associated with a specific person, the item still is. Remains a fixation on a particular person, which is the guarantor of the system and this ideology. "
Drakakhrust: "Gleb Franak Vyachorka believes that today’s Belarusians ideological postsavetstse not suitable, and other more suitable shape, pattern, in contrast to the feral Russian. Do you agree with this statement? Segodnyaschy post-Soviet ideology affects millions of people, and others, other options , including those offering Franak affect more narrow range of Belarusians. Either here is solely that the government has in the hands of "matsyugalnik" BT and Franak it not? "
Lobodenko: "I think that after 13 years itth power of the majority of Belarusians still fit what it offers them. I, too, would have been much nicer if we instead of the second Global War appealed to Vytautas, Kalinowski, Ostrog and Orsha battle, but the problem in another. You asked the question, change the style of propaganda, if it is something else. I think that in a schematic plan that is not enough change.
Here talked about the problem — devotion to one person or devotion to the people. If our pochetaemaya on» The United Opposition now again quarreled again can not allocate 1 person, again begins this fuss. I was delighted when the only candidate chosen sovereign Milinkevich. Eventually a man appeared behind which can be vote. Now such person again there. And it reaffirms that only personal ambitions are important to each of the members of these combined forces». If they read: "unprincipled, who among us will be the president, the main thing — that our region has come to power," so no, all the same principle, who will be president.
Alexander Lukashenko chose a very correct model, he says, Belarusians — you see, I built an ice palace, fellow Lukashenko, see new asphalt put that fellow Lukashenko. If we read on billboards "For Belarus", each currently reading — for sausage for new asphalt for beer available. If power changes, we may be, we will write "For Belarus" — the motto is very stunning, no one’s against Belarus. And we will realize under that — for Vytautas for Kalinowski, in Ostrog. And any of these people will inertia read — for sausage for beer available for new asphalt.
Deafness this to anything great will not. Belarusians today — very materialistic people, and a cheap sausage they can draw a lot better than some European democratic values. If the average person to offer choice, immediately realized that he shall choose.
Certainly, if comes to power another force if ideology will change when people will feel and learns that he is offered, then eventually he reeducate. If he will have a look at the value of the second Global War and the Battle of Orsha, then we are not as stupid people as we think. They can make sure that we have a European country. But it is impossible to make a descent, as people used to being fed a cheap sausage and prazdnichkom town. "
Vecherko: "I agree with the first emperor Kazakevich that if the situation will change and democratic forces are in power, there will be competitiveness thoughts. Regarding Front and other democratic forces of Belarus, the quarrels, misunderstandings and objections — they have been and always will be. Everywhere. If you look at today’s power, there is also a quarrel. flimsy sheer domination Lukashenko — it is not true, we all beheld a clan war between the KGB and MVD. Their quarrel there too, objections can be and of the ideological circumstances may be, who something from them — a creature of Moscow, maybe someone — a secret supporter of the democratic forces. It is overcome when the country is a true democracy, where people have the opportunity to choose the power on transparent elections. then enters into force alive competition and forms the a power that is able to provide normal development of the country. When power is unable to do, then it is changed to another machine. In our country at the moment power is capable or incapable, it does not change the de facto. Because she herself "proclaims."

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