President of the Constitutional Court: bureaucrats must respond to the language in which they are accessed

Roots, "Yavlinsky, if indeed the problem of discrimination of the Belarusian language acquired such proportions that it must have to raise at the highest level? At least, the last 10 years this issue none of municipal officials are not particularly worried …"
Vasiljevic: "First, I wish to highlight: this expression was manufactured on the scientific and practical conference. It was made in conjunction with other offers and assessments, which just follow some of the qualities of legal regulation.
That some difficulties arise, it is certainly. And I believe that issues that require their own solutions will be addressed in accordance with our Constitution. It does not have to do a sensation. In any state, not everything is happening, life poses such questions that may, from time to time and someone would direct attention. "
People need to protect their linguistic rights
Roots: "As an example of discrimination on linguistic signs at the seminar you mentioned the case of inmate Gomel Sergei Semenov. Not so long ago he was sentenced to a heavy fine for being on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, he refused to fill out the form on the Russian declaration form and asked the Belarusian language" .
Vasiljevic: "If there is some problem, it needs to be addressed. And in this case, maybe one citizen (although I do not know all the events of the case) just used these criteria to protect their rights. And in fact, we can also assess: there were grounds for verbovaniya him to justice or not. At least, from a formal point of view, maybe he’s right. "
Roots: "The other day I spoke with Semenov, and he said in the Sun in its new tribunal under the same article — another request for the declaration forms in the Belarusian language at another border crossing."
Vasiljevic: "I have no disk imaging nature of the case. And at the seminar I read that if that’s so consider the case as it has been filed, you can imagine — the truth on the side of the citizen. But it must be understood that the media can distort any facts.
If it is not, then you need to understand and refute the information that appeared in the media. This is what in fact was discussed. And about the Belarusian language, then, certainly, you must strive to pravavregulyavanne consistent with constitutional norms. "
Roots: "Yesterday the chairman of the Municipal Customs Committee Alexander Shpileuski, referring to the story said, promised that soon will publish declaration forms in Belarusian. Can frisky response is written in including and own an asset? "
Vasiljevic: "I believe that it came not only with my submission. When the media to this fact was pointed out, apparently, and he responded to the information that was written not only to my words. General, and in the customs Committee apparently previously can not direct attention to these questions, and now, when there is a reason, then fix it. "
Belarusian-language — not necessarily "beneefovets"?
Roots: "In general, there were precedents, so anyone in Belarus has already lured liable for contempt, discrimination on linguistic grounds?"
Vasiljevic: "In practice, it may be, and have been such cases are, since it davneshnee question.
During the seminar mentioned examples already since 1992 — one of the speakers gave the example used as standards of international law. There were instances when the leaders did not respond to the appeal in the Belarusian language.
But now we have not a bad legal framework in order to bilingualism was provided and more than that municipal employees responded to the language — Belarusian or Russian, which turned citizen. In this sense, I can recall and the law on appeals people and appropriate decrees, acts of the President. Because there is a regulatory framework, respectively, and I think that just municipal officials must somehow increase their culture in this sense. "
Roots: "The speech you cited other cases of discrimination on linguistic grounds. Namely, as the applicant was forced to take the test on whiteRussian language, written … in Russian. "
Vasiljevic: "In general, all issues can be solved. Russian and Belarusian languages are very close. But from a legal, formal point of view, we believe: it is necessary in this direction is also fully secure the rights and students.
Certainly, any of us can understand and in the Russian language, and in the Belarusian language. Maybe someone not good practice, so to speak in Russian or Belarusian, but languages, apparently alone for yourself close. And yet we believe that according to the article of the Constitution which enshrined statehood 2-languages should be respected. "
Roots: "Hitherto vserasprostranen stereotype who says Belarusian, that machine can be attributed to" beenefavtsa. "You do not share such representations?"
Vasiljevic: "No, I do not. We have many who reads Belarusian, and is not an indicator of political views."

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