R.Shanyavski: Purpose ambassador does not mean that our excellent contacts

In an interview with Polish Radio Shanyavsky explained sovereign long-term absence of an ambassador in Belarus that relationship between With 2 countries were not decent. He recalled the fact, if Belarusian authorities not allowed into the area of the country of the Polish parliament.
MPs want meet with representatives of Belarusian Poles of days on the occasion of the Polish Army on August 15. The Belarusian leader made expressions which are views of representatives of the Polish Foreign Ministry, strange and unprecedented in the field of diplomacy and international relations.
By Robert Shanyavsky purpose Ambassador — is an act of good will:
"We want to do better things, but the destiny of the ambassador does not mean that we regard the bilateral contacts as great. But we need an information channel and intermediary in contacts, for example, between Poland and Belarusian Poles, as the authorities of Belarus."

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