Record collection does not prevent price increases

Already announced a 10 percent increase in the purchase prices of meat, sugar went up first in September, prices for alcohol, fresh in memory is the second in This year increase in gasoline prices. Now consumers expect meaningful growth in prices for vegetables — by decree Alexander Lukashenko excise tax imported cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. Under the guise of increased significantly in prices similar Belarusian products. What happens in the consumer market of Belarus? Why even record harvest is virtually impossible to halt the growth of prices for socially important products?
This year in Belarus, according to official statistics, assembled an unparalleled collection of grain. In a digital list — virtually tonne for each inhabitant of the country. But, according to the views of the majority of professionals, it is unlikely to make more than a cheap food for the Belarusians.
Senior Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, ex-deputy chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee in land

While the economy is absolutely controlled by the state, it will work on the completion of the municipal budget …

issues Alexander Yarashuk believes that no "extraordinary" collection will not promote price liberalization. While the economy is one hundred percent controlled by the state, it will work exclusively along the same lines — the largest on the completion of the municipal budget:
"Impartially is was would contribute, to lower food prices. But as a matter of fact, our agriculture malarentabelnaya not competitive and not very effective, it is possible to predict: likely no price reduction will not occur. This is the case when there really need to think — whether you want to have the state grain production, if no one really talks about is not the effectiveness of agricultural production in general.
Because I can do pretty confident predictions: we can not expect that will decrease the price of food in the shops, on the contrary will be faster. If barriers to penetration of imported products are strong, the domestic producers is simply no need to push, and you can allow yourself to have the same cost of fodder is 2-3 times higher than in Europe. Accordingly, the efficiency and the prices have the final version in stores. Well-known fact that poultry prices have three times higher than in Europe. Or beef the same. "
First week the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis voiced some number in the first eight months of 2008. Nayshparchey compared to last year became more expensive foodstuffs. Thus, oil has risen in price by 91%, pasta — by 35%, dairy products — by 30%, cheese and flour — by 21%, meat and poultry — 19%, confectionery products — by 16%, sausages — 15% bread — 14%, eggs and drinks — 13%. Vegetable prices rose by 26% … Slides not seen one position.

Misha Light BrownChairman of the Land Party of Belarus, managing land issues in the Commission of the House of Representatives Misha Light Brown does not believe that the situation in Belarus is significantly different from other countries in the world. He is convinced that this is a common trend which incidentally, does not exclude the other fact — even if the consumer price growth capacity of the Belarusian population is increasing. Holding such logic, a man who must each day to fill the stomach, the highest prices still will not be intimidated:
"If a person is funds, he begins to think about — how to live better, ’cause that’s true. This is similar to the Western approach. Here’s a look: in the last four years has almost doubled cheese consumption per capita, fish and vegetables. Other words group, we read so social products — bread, milk — it decreases. Whereas the importance of groups like these products for the life of the middle class grows. This means only one thing: sensible, appropriate built Belarusian economy, which allows people to earn and more than eating right " .
Meanwhile Lupita price records and non-food sector. Compared with the same period in 2007, 6.5% more expensive detergents by 10% — build materials. Housing and communal services increased by 31%, preschools — 28% of passenger transport — 13%, the sphere of public power — 17%.
Also nods to "global trends" and the danger of the food crisis, municipal experts in most cases need to explain to laymen significant increase in the price of fuel price increase, though the fraction of transport costs in the final price of the product reaches 10-15%. But control of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika such arguments considers unfounded.

Gasoline in Belarus should cost at least twice cheaper …

In 1-x, gasoline consumption is obviously inflated, in-2, Belarusian oil factory after the short duration of the crisis once again work with large incomes. B-3, during the period 2007-2008 in fuel price rose about 10 times! At the same time the price of oil in the world is changing rapidly. For example, at the moment in Russia steady downward trend in fuel prices, it is cheaper and adjoining Ukraine. By counting the emperor Zaika concluded that gasoline in Belarus should cost at least twice cheaper:
"If I argued, then a barrel of oil was close to 160 bucks. Currently, the cost has decreased markedly less than 100 bucks. A means, even on this basis, it is possible to reduce by 60 percent the cost of gasoline, because it consists of costs acquisition and processing of crude oil. should be noted that this year, unlike last year, when the Russians have deprived us of the oil situation Belarus develops perfectly. We sell petroleum products, particularly in the European Union, so profitable that compensates for the loss of the whole oil, including domestic consumption. We have two refineries, they work great, because hard times have passed for them. So let’s keep gasoline at reasonable prices, not the rich of Europe, which buys us gasoline at 1 euro 30 cents per liter. "
December 1, consumers will have another nasty surprise from power. According to the decree of Alexander Lukashenko, in order to "protect Russian producers" significantly increased seasonal duties on imported product range of vegetables, while the first time it will cover the most necessary products — tomatoes and cucumbers. Compared to last year rate increased by 2-2.5 times. Thus, the duty on onion overstated by 180% of the customs product prices for beet — 150% carrot — 120%, etc. It is significant that even "protected" so makarom Belarusian products in a number of sorts of occasions their prices exceed imported counterparts.

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