Russian authorities later here came here because more civilized

Old man: "Between the eastern and western? Overall, though there is a difference. If Mogilev and visit here, you can feel it. I do not even know how to say: here later Russian authorities came because here all more civilized" .
Lady: "I I wish to say, that the difference is large enough there, we differ from the eastern Belarusians. The fact that "most of the gains of October" came to us virtually exclusively in 1946, played a positive role. Everything. And I’ll stand on this, even under torture. "
Young Man: "There are just normal people like us, our country is excellent, I have no particular differences can not see."
Young Man: "Of course, there is a difference, it can be felt by mindset. In the western Belarusian people mentality more like the Poles, and in the east — to the Russian. This difference is still there. "
Man: "The differences we have, only more culturally live in the west."
Young Man: "I think, that at the moment There are no differences. Globalization throughout Belarus leads to the fact that Russia is becoming a whole a whole. "
Old man: "The difference can only exist in the cultural relations. Western culture is more European and eastern oriental culture is, that makes all the difference."
Youth"Unlike in the standard of living there, in relation to the work. Eastern Belarus, which borders the eternally Russian territories will always be feel their impact, it is a natural thing. And we we have exposure to the adjacent church States. They are ordinary, normal differences of each part of the country. "
Man: "I am not so well acquainted with the eastern Belarus. Can only say that in a certain sense Grodno is quite special region of Belarus. Could would venture to say that this is not necessarily opposed to the best side … "
Man: "Tradition, history just does not pass. Eastern Belarus was more than seventy years under the Russian government, because to This time difference between with 2 parts of the country remains. "
Youth"Do the inhabitants of Grodno Region Western mind. In short, there are differences in mind, the reason why the standard of living is also different — in the east and the west. "

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