Russian oil candidacy of Belarus will look minefields Iran

As explained in the municipal concern "Belneftekhim" duty Russian government sets every two months based on Russian oil prices in global markets. Because as stated Deputy Chairman of the concern "Belneftekhim" Vladimir Volkov, no surprises in this price increase for the Belarusian side not:
"This planned increase in prices, we know about it. It calculated in accordance with the formula, the mechanism of which is known to us. Russian Federation Government simply" dress "it in a corresponding decree. Because in this case is purely techno ruling. Fact, that between the governments of Belarus and Russia signed an agreement in accordance with which the customs duty on admission to our oil accounting for 23.3% of the Russian. "
Belarusian oil mined until
"Predictability" Russian side "Belneftekhim" is not particularly funny. Developed projects candidacy regardless of raw supplies from Russia. But first signed an agreement on September criteria field development "Jofeir" between the Iranian company in the development of oil and mestsanarazhennyav companies "Belorusneft" encountered a force majeure. Defined under the production area has been mined from the Iran-Iraq war.
Given the events is not an issue even in the beginning This year design work. Not convinced about the ability to extract and Venezuelan oil, although heard promises to begin pumping oil Belarus in December. In such a situation, as the one of the control "Belneftekhim" Vladimir Volkov, Belarus as before is dependent on the Russian Federation:
"It starts with the negotiation process. We look forward to the balance of the petroleum feedstock at 21,5-22 million tons. During earlier with Russian side volumes defined to 2020 and the next year, we hope to have a certain income oil. As for the price. Even if read analytics, 50% of professionals believe: the cost will rise.
The second half is convinced that there is no reason for the growth and prices will fall. Because specific forecast for today does not exist. The cost of oil actually grew from the beginning of the year and only in the last month there has been a downward trend. But now we run across the pricing formula, which takes into account price fluctuations in global markets, sales of petroleum products is also carried out to a greater degree by the formula. And it mattersBusiness is more or less predictable. "
Different sights on stabilization loan
2006-2007, became the butt for the refining industry in Belarus truly tragic. Profits from the sale of petroleum products in the European market were discontinued recent Russian economic policies, which, after decades of silence finally claimed a share.
Now, as the economist Tatyana Manyanok, the budget lays articles on industry subsidies, and "Belneftekhim" must sometimes take unpopular measures and increasing fuel prices. Since the end of last year, prices at the gas station has jumped 5 times:
"This year the situation has changed fundamentally, if previously sold oil refinery factory at an outdoor market, and had a huge profit such makarom covered losses on the domestic market, but now the situation is completely different. Loss and they are on the outside market, and domestic. And these subsidy also fundamentally not change the situation for, for example, Mozyr refinery.
Transportation from a great distance, he loses even more than "Naftan", whose financial situation is little better. But what "Belneftekhim" eventually goes to increase, despite an order from the authorities to keep prices of petroleum products very measured shows that it can not handle the situation. "
Belarus harder to look for funds to pay for costs associated with the rise in price of energy. Hopes for Russian stabilization loan of 1.5 billion dollars while the more shadowy network. In particular, after, both of days during a visit to Indonesia, President Vladimir Putin has pledged this country 1 billion dollars.
The Ministry of the Russian Federation refused to comment on the money situation with the possibility of lending to Belarus. But Russian media quoted government sources say in October meant to prepare amendments to the budget this year for the allocation of credit to Belarus. Corresponding document will be placed on the table recently elected Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.
But the positions of the parties this issue significantly different. Our homeland in case of positive solutions agree only on a commercial loan at 8.5% per annum. Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly referred to these conditions unacceptable and articulate its — 1.5 billion dollars for 15 years maturing in 5 years.
• Would Our homeland loan official Minsk?, 17.09.2007

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