Salting of Belarus to Poland received a note of protest from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Polish Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, almost immediately after, as it became clear that, in the midst of other, vitsespikeru Senate Krzysztof Putra favorite naikrupneyshim opposition party "Civic Platform" Donald Tusk was not allowed to enter Belarus on vrachystatstsi about prazdnichek Polish army was summoned to the Ministry of salting Pavel Latushko.
"The representative of the Department of Eastern policy gave the emperor after the protests and the Polish Foreign Ministry said that the Polish authorities consider groundless obstacles on arrival by Belarusian authorities, restricting the rights of Polish parliamentarians and government representatives to ensure that maintain contacts with Poles living in Belarus, "- said in a statement the Polish Foreign Ministry.
Meanwhile Donald Tusk said afterdnie operations on the border indicate, Poland and the European Union in general are pursuing the correct policy against Belarus, as "maintain contacts with the political forces in Belarus who wish to changes in the country. "
A vitsespiker Krzysztof Putra Senate said it would protest against the actions of Belarusian authorities:
"The protest will probably, but you must decide how this protest will look. Here it is impossible to hurry loaf and suitably respond"

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