Social Democrats asked the UN to protect Kozulin

The Presidium of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) appealed to the UN General Assembly. Party members need to take under international control violations Human Rights in Belarus. And in particular the prosecution party favorite Alexander Kozulin.
September 19 marks a year from the entry into force of a day or a sentence against A.Kozulin.
The proclamation states that this case is politically targeted "national courts stubbornly renounce improve gross violations of the laws and rights A.Kozulin. Privacy A.Kozulin preparing a complaint that will soon go to the UN Committee on Human Rights . "
BSDP (D) called on UN agencies, first High Commissioner and the Council on Human Rights, Working Group on Disappearances forcible control cases of disappearances in Belarus, politically targeted criminal cases.

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