Soon there will be forms of customs declarations in Belarusian

So makarom This bureaucrat responded to yesterday’s statement by the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich, which read cases of disrespect to Belarusian language. As an example, the emperor led Vasiljevic case of Sergei Semenov, who asked for a declaration on border Belarusian language, and the answer was brought to administrative responsibility and fined.
Sovereign Shpilevskaya now said: "This omission is even more — it is my personal mistake that is very correct."
According to Chairman of the Customs Committee, last mon he ordered that the electrical capabilities of customs documents included their Belarusian version. "Now you are requested on the form Belarusian language Customs officer will be able to print a document "- assured the emperor Shpileuski.
Soon to order custom game will be written declaration forms in Belarusian.

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