The doyen of the diplomatic corps in Belarus leaves his post

Sovereign Vyalzhanav headed a diplomatic consulate in Minsk Turkmenistan for 12 years in a row. The last half of this period, he was formally and doyenne, in other words the head of the diplomatic corps in the host country, which represents all accredited diplomats in Belarus. This office machine crosses the Ambassador, which previously akredytavavsya other in the host country.
But the leaders of diplomatic missions of a number of states is not considered sovereign Vyalzhanava real doyen, as he has, except Turkmenistan, besides Belarusian citizenship. In addition, He often spoke in support of policy Belarusian authorities, without checking their assessments with employees.
Ilya Vyalzhanav the rank of Lieutenant General Military Forces of the USSR. In Russian Times he was deputy commander of the Belorussian Military Chyrvanastsyazhnay neighborhood oversaw military schools. In his own words, he was the first to Turkmens, who graduated from the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Army.
New Turkmen Ambassador to Belarus will be Gundagdiev Ata. Previously, he headed the diplomatic mission own country in Tajikistan.

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