The European Parliament introduced the post of special rapporteur on Belarus

Within the UN post was previously rapporteur for Belarus, Adrian Severin, which had been held, but This year the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur was canceled.
Within the framework of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe a working group on Belarus, headed by Italian parliamentarian Andrea Rigoni, a working group on Belarus, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for many years run by German MP Uta Zapf.
In the European Parliament the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus introduced for the first time. Its function will be to advise the European Parliament and the European Commission with respect to policy against Belarus. It is expected that soon sovereign Belder prepare a report on the situation in the country.
Bastiaan Belder MEP is from 1999, he had previously worked for 15 years in the newspaper ¬ęReformatorisch Dagblad".
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