The European Union will allow Lukashenko not to touch the areas of cooperation

European Union condemns the recent sentences to administrative arrests for 7 days, made at this week Belarusian activists of the youth organization "Young Front". This spokeswoman Christiane Hohmann Commission. It is, namely, said:
"We are concerned about reports of arrests long-term public activists for what they used their civilian rights of expression. Repetition politically targeted arrests, which we have followed in recent months, calling into oscillation Belarus’ readiness to cooperate with the European Union "
Mrs. Homan also said that the EU rejects proposals for economic cooperation more closely, namely the transit of energy resources, made this week Deputy foreign minister Minister of Belarus Valery Voronetsky conference on European Neighbourhood Policy.
Press secretary of the European Commission stressed that the EU is not authoritarian control will allow Belarus to choose what areas to cooperate. She said that the democratization of Belarus remains of mandatory condition for a more closely links:
"Rapprochement with the EU requested that Belarus has made convincing steps towards democratization and respect Human Rights, in including and the rights of people to express their worldview rights and non-governmental organizations to exist "
In November last year The EU has put forward 12 criteria which should perform Minsk, to improve relations with the united Europe». According to the views of Mrs. Homan, Belarusian authorities act absolutely contrary to these conditions.

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