The festival is held Be2gether and to support democracy in Belarus

Place Festival "Be2gether" about Norvilishkah castle, 50 km from the border with Belarus, now visited the Lithuanian Interior Minister Raimundas Šukys and said he was pleased with all the arrangements for bespyaki time festival. He urged all participants behave anxiously and with the knowledge to take the peculiarities of the borderland. On the other hand, the minister said that the border area — though not the best place for such festival.
But organizers believe differently. The motto of the festival — "Music Opens Borders — Budzma together!" And the Belarusian-Lithuanian border — the best place for this. Festival Director Giedrius Klimkyavichyus, said our radio other day of the festival:
"At This is the meaningplace also makes itt festival unique. This place (castle Norvilishkah near Salechnikav) — historically fundamental and Lithuania, and Belarus, and Poland. In syarednevechchy here was the geographic center of stateliness Duchy of Lithuania, and at the moment — the geopolitical axis of the European Union, the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. It is very symbolic and curious. "
The festival was supported not only the Commission and the diplomats of the European Union. Financial support for the festival "Be2gether" from the Lithuanian government and several ministries is 700 thousand litas (about 280 thousand dollars) — hitherto only known prazdnichek Lithuanian government allocated more songs. Lithuanian State Television and Radio Company notes that this sum is allocated for that purpose of the festival — to support democracy in Belarus.
Giedrius Klimkyavichyus, festival director, said that it is — a cultural event, and that the organizers plan to continue to hold such festivals that posodeystvuyut and Lithuanians and Belarusians, and people from countries with around the world find out more about each other and become friends:
"I hope that the next will be our huge festivals Belarus and Lithuania. Not only in Lithuania about Norvilishkah, and on the Belarusian side. And on the screen, students will be able to build in Lithuania protruding from Belarus, and Belarus — protruding from Lithuania. I hope that in the last moment we will be a great co-operative Festival, and the tickets will cost less than This year . "
This year, tickets for concerts that will take place in the period of 3 days, cost about 150 litas (about 60 dollars) for parking and space for tents need to pay extra.
Castle in Norvilishkah
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