The Russian language is closely from the republics of the former USSR

At the opening of the Year of the Russian Language in Paris earlier in This year the guests met poster "Russian language — the first language spoken in space." organizers reminded the French that Russian — one of the six official languages of the UN. Yet, in almost all former Soviet republics, where the Russian language has been previously extensively vserasprostranena, the sphere of its influence, not without the role of the authorities began to narrow. Says Deputy Director of the Institute of Russian Language Russian Academy Leonid Krysin:
"Indeed, the number of people who know the Russian language, falls uniformly. This in-1’s. Vo-2, the younger generation does not know the Russian language at the same level as the older generation knew her time in Russian. And- 3, the number of schools with Russian language dramatically decreased. Total, education schools, where he taught in Russian, lost those positions that were at the Russian authorities. "
Only 5 of the former Russian republics now have Russian as an official language beside their own state language. This Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and even Vzbekistan.Ale these countries Russian language problem remains. Belarus political opposition blames regime Russification of the country and calls back to the Belarusian language as the only municipality.
In Turkmenistan, the Russian language intensively interfere. Russian closed schools that existed in some regions in 2002 and closed the office of Russian Philology at the Municipal Institute of Turkmenistan. At the moment, all the training is conducted in the country in the Turkmen language, because Russian applicants often can not get a real education.
Experts are turning their attention that even in Russia itself problem Russian language remains. As an example, lead Caucasian autonomous republics.

In Belarus in 1993, before the arrival in power of Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian language learned 76% of first-graders in 2006 — 18%. Total for the country in 2006 in the Belarusian language studied 21.5% of students. During the 1999 census, Belarusians dubbed themselves 81% of the population. Belarusian language dubbed 73.7% native inhabitants of Belarus, Russia — 24.1%. In 1995, Belarus was held a referendum on the basis of the decision which granted the status of Russian language municipal first equal with Belarus. According to official figures expressed in this 83.3% of those who took part in the vote.

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