The Vitebsk region decreases the number of Belarusian schools

Of all the regional centers of the Vitebsk region solely to Profound this year School worked with the Belarusian language learning. But this year in high school number 3 will be made two classes with instruction in Russian, one first and one second.
Taciturn headmaster Lily says that Russian school classes should open on the desire of parents, who claimed that in a letter to the address of the Ministry of Education:
"In recent years, the school has become a Belarusian-language, such questions arose. But we somehow managed to convince parents. But this year was unable to assure — no school or district authorities. Ancestors reached Abla, to the ministry, and the question ventured in their favor. Indeed, according to the brand new law on education, language learning — on the parents’ choice. Naturally we, Belarusians, and should adore our language, and trained on it, but the parents in this very hard to convince. Indeed, after teaching in schools education is in the Russian language, there is no continuity. Because — parents assure we could not, and they — have the right . "
As they say ancestors school students number 3, initiated the transition to the Russian language learning not only fathers and mothers, grandfathers and even future first one grandfather — bureaucrat Chamber of Commerce, the second — a deputy in the regional council.
According to the views of the former headmaster number 3, a member of the Republican glad TBM Vitaly Garanovich, forced transition to the Russian language will inevitably affect the quality of education — not in vain against the same teacher such transition:
"It is believed that there best school, best teacher frames. But they said: "We have already attained all, there Belarusian utilities that have experience. We are used, because the Belarusian to Russian language was so hard to cross. But defected, and already 6 years as Belarusian-language school. "
Vitaly Garanovich expresses the view that directly behind the school number 3 under Russification get Glubokskaya gymnasium. There coming in 5th grade, and she is also considered prestigious. And because it is possible that those who claimed in Russian training for first-year and drugaklyasnikav through three or four years zrusyfikavats and try another school in Profound.
A similar situation exists in Vitebsk gymnasium, which is officially called the "National School number 1." There’s starting classes are taught in Belarusian, and later taught in the Belarusian language unless the history and geography of Belarus.
Chairman of the Regional Council TBM Joseph Navumchyk states now school is able to form a general negative attitude towards faster Belarusian language than the pros:
"This is a sinful practice!’s Me in the last month had to meet with dozens of students from various schools of Vitebsk. I spoke with them in Belarusian, but none of them could in Belarusian answer me. One devchenka me so saidand "I can not stand whiteRussian language, and will never read it! "So if our leaders they say in their own speeches that we all excellent and the sphere of consumption of the Belarusian language we expanded then allow yourself to disagree!"
Joseph Navumchyk mentioned cases when schools were not allowed to Vitebsk meetings with Belarusian writers, and more facts pressure Belarusian-language education and training. Perhaps the only vstseshny fact — is that in today’s Republican contest Belarusian language of Vitebsk team took first place. But it’s faster fruit of individual teachers and individual students, and not an indicator of language policy in the Vitebsk region.

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