Together with sovetskogo Army in Western Belarus has come and new life … sovetskogo

Under the heading "From around the world"" Krasnoarmejsky truth "in 1927, referring to the agency Havas reported:" Prayazhzhayuchy through the town of Nice (France) Russian dancer Aysedora Duncan was ejected from the car, as the end of her scarf got in the car wheel. Dancer picked up with a fractured spine. Destruction occurred simultaneously. "
"Star" in 1947, insists: "Together with sovetskogo Army in Western Belarus and it’s new life … Former sovetskogo Radziwill and Potocki laborers, farmers, gibevshyya whole century the landlords’ lands donated sovetskogo received from government land. Workers who ruthlessly eksplaatavalisya Polish capitalists, became masters of factories, workers newest sotsyyalistychnay industry. Freely and gratifying zaguchela happy song where once people were not even allowed to read aloud their own native language. "
"Reddish change", year 1967. Honored teacher BSSR Thought Bel’skaya expressed thus: "Russian youth has everything you need for your own mental development. This is not the younger generation of the capitalist states. Oh writes South American sociologists D.Strops:" Let the young boobies make that althought — amuse, dance rock, kill, as long as they are not involved in politics, as in the end it would be a Marxist politics. "Our young people also had the good fortune to be the most educated generation on earth."

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