Tribunal appointed over Malady Ya.Grischeney

Yaroslav Grischenya charged with participation in an unregistered organization. Activist faces up to 2 years imprisonment. The guy does not renounces that participates in activities "Junior Front"But does not consider it a crime." It is my constitutional right — to be a member of the organization that is not contrary to law. Then authorities illegally do not register "Young Front"Of course all" — says opposition.
Recall, 4th September start courts on similar charges over Malady Azarko Anastasia and Ivan Shyla. Anastasia Azarko will judge Nyasvizh, innovatorskoy Shiloh in Soligorsk.
• Yaroslav Hryshchenya: "Power does not think that will happen when young people really take offense to it," 13.08.2007

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