U.Pehtserav: Declaration of Belarusian now have all the customs

According sovereign Semenov, likely, Customs officers do not know what to do.
"By my views, Belarusian customs officers with little education are not compatible. They just do not know what a Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, and that is the Law on Municipal languages Republic of Belarus ", — said the young activist.

September 9th through the checkpoint "newcomer Guta" sovereign Semenov took the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.
If customs Gomel offered young person to complete a declaration, he asked to form whiteRussian language. Talked to him, he did not wish to make mistakes in an official document in Russian. Customs officers saw this as "disobeying legitimate demands", drew up a report and sent to the tribunal.
Vtochnosti same incident occurred at the border and in August, when the emperor Semenov went to Ukraine by train. For "disobedience" referee Marina Domnenkov August 30 activist fined 930 thousand rubles — this is the equivalent of about 450 bucks.
The case received resonance. President of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich at a conference referred to the case with Semenov "unmotivated pressure Belarusian language and its speakers" and recalled that "the responsibility for contempt of Municipal language has not been canceled."
Head of Municipal Customs Committee Alexander Shpilevski.davoli responded quickly to the position of the Constitutional Court, arguing that the lack of documents in Belarusian — his personal mistake he promptly corrected.
But Gomel customs claims to Sergei Semenov has not yet taken off, even though the forms in the Belarusian language at customs points Tipo already sent.
"With this we have a day or will work at all, for sure, Fri border crossing with available Belarusian declarations "- said" Freedom "Deputy Chief Mike Miatlikov Gomel customs.
Deputy Head of Municipal Customs Committee of Belarus Vladimir Pekhterev claims that Belarusian-declaration now have all the customs:
"Already This problem does not exist. Forms aimed at transitions and abroad. "
Meanwhile Central District Court of Homel sovereign Semenov said that the decision on punishment claimed its fine regional tribunal.

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