U.S. State Department: The Belarusian government restricts freedom of religion

In the State Department report on Religious Freedom stated that Belarus in the past year, the situation in this area deteriorated, that the government restricted freedom of confessions, using the law of 2002, which prefers the Orthodox Church. With all this Protestants suffer from negative case authorities, including since they have no connection with the United States.
In addition over the past year has seen a number of Belarus anti-Semitic acts, desecration of monuments, buildings and graves, who have not received tribute reaction of the authorities.
Many religious communities are obliged to await the decision of the authorities for years about their registration or the return of property. Authorities violated the rights and fined representatives of several religious groups and foreign missionaries, priests and humanitarian workers stood before the authorities made obstacles in their activities, including tormented deportations and denials of visas.
To the positive side the U.S. State Department classified the activities of public activists to promote freedom of confession in Belarus.
The report noted that the U.S. government lifts the issue of freedom of religion in the negotiations with the Belarusian authorities, coupled with other issues of compliance Human Rights. But the official Minsk than once rejected requests to discuss these violations.
The report cites numerous specific violations of religious rights by the Belarusian authorities and equality faiths pripiraniya religious minorities and closing their communities. Including the cases referred to the Protestant church "new life" in which authorities want to pick up a house of worship, denial of registration Lutheran communities, Hare Krishnas, and other faiths.

According to sociological data, about 50 percent of people consider themselves to Belarus that or other denominations, but the Belarusian authorities insist that 80 percent of the country’s inhabitants are Orthodox, 14 — Catholics, 2 — Protestants.
As of January 2007 Belarus was Recorded 3103 25 denominations, religious communities, including the 1399 — Orthodox, 493 — Evangelical Christians, 440 — Catholics, Baptists, 267, 74 — Adventist 29 — Jews, 27 — Lutherans, 24 — Muslims.
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