UN: Belarus government within 90 days must return the registration of Spring

The complaint focused Ales Bialiatski to the UN Committee on Human Rights in 2004, after the closing of the center "Viasna" High Tribunal, and reviewed in July this year.
On the essence of the decision reads as employee of the Secretariat of the UN Committee on Human Rights:
"The Belarusian government was recognized by the violator of Article 22 paragraph 2 of the International Covenant on civilians and Political Rights. According to the existing practice, as is indicated in the 10th paragraph of the document, the decision was focused and UN member states, in other words, Belarus, and creator of the complaint. At the same State requested within 90 days of receipt of this document bring information to the committee about how this decision was made by the municipal authorities of Belarus. "
The applicant this case Ales Bialiatski after the official response of the Government of Belarus to the UN Committee on the decision Human Rights has the right to own assessment of the government’s implementation of this decision.

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