UN General Assembly begins work

The other day during days New York held a meeting at the highest level on the dilemmas in Iraq and Afghanistan, as in matters of climate configuration.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the highest hopes for the continuation of diplomatic activity in the coming months:
"I think it will be a period of more intense multinational diplomacy, always UN history. Since we started to work perfectly in the 21st century, the UN remains the global forum where discusses the difficulties and their solutions are developed. "
Srdjan Kerim, President-elect of the General Assembly, states that climate change — the main question a day or agenda. Significance This problem singled and Ban Ki-moon, who yesterday held a forum on global warming to the role of managing more than 70 states.
At the moment is the preparation for the December summit on the dilemmas of global warming, it will be held in Indonesia, on the peninsula of Bali.
Also on the agenda a day or work towards UN goals for development in a new millennium — poverty reduction and progress in internal reforms of the UN, and, of course, the problem, which, Kerimov, worries everyone:
"The fight against terrorism — also one of the important issues in the session. We must intensify the struggle and cooperation of states to use a strong political will to improve the means and methods of struggle, including adoption of the respective conventions, so we can fight the terrorists and terrorism in globally . "
Not counting the ordinary session of the General Assembly, in throughout the next week will attend many meetings acute dilemmas of international diplomacy, such as the genocide in Darfur, the peaceful settlement of the Middle East.
Who will perform at the UN, except presidents of Iran and the United States, the leaders of Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Pure white House said Bush in his speech will focus on "liberation", with special attention to the current wave of pro-democracy protests in Burma.
Belarus at the 62nd UN General Assembly will be word on Friday (September 28). Belarus will represented by Minister of foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov, his visit begins now.
For disk imaging MFA focus Belarusian delegation will initiatives Alexander Lukashenko on "recognizing the huge contrast of ways to progress and develop a global partnership against slavery and human trafficking in the XXI century".

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