Vladimir Orlov: Freedom has many incarnations

First presentation Vladimir Orlov read the first essay of the book about Tadeusz Reytana and graduated presentation essay about his own grandmother Avginya. Freedom has many incarnations, says Vladimir Orlov.
"Epitome of Freedom for me and Paul have Seviarynets, and his friends and Artur Finkevich Dashkevich, which is currently behind bars. And when they hear there for themselves behind bars "Freedom" and a report from the current presentation, I wish to convey their greetings, and that each of them signed this book. Middle of the embodiment of freedom for me and Anastasia Azarko of Nesvizha and Anastasia Palazhanka from Minsk, and all the young people who allow me to look into the future with optimism, "says Vladimir Orlov.
Favourite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich congratulated Orlov with a book and admitted that as well as the sovereign Vladimir grandmother, had a very strong impact on him by his own grandmother Christina Milinkevich.
‘When I held the book in hand, I was happy to be able to hear that can tell about personal these people, Hero of Belarus, such people, which respects the whole of Belarus, Vladimir Orlov. "
"These are the words of the bulls and Dubenetsky about Tserlyukevich and Hermyanchuk"
Owner hall favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka admitted that it was a touching essay about the people he knew personally.
"I’m a man in general is not very sugary, but when I read about those with whom life brought himself and frontovskogo and Belarusian case, naturally, larynx intercept. These are the words of the bulls and Dubenetsky about Tserlyukevich Hermyanchuk and, on many, many other . "
"I am very grateful to Vladimir Orlov that he is not forgotten the name of my father"
The presentation of so many people came that they were not able to accommodate a small council hall, people standing in the aisles, were sitting on the stage, some listened to the speakers in the hallway. The event Vladimer Orlov recalled relatives heroes book. Presentation on "Names of Freedom" was the widow of Nicholas TRUKHAN, son Vyacheslav Adamczyk, daughter Michal Dubenetsky, grandson of Vyacheslav Selyahi-Kachanskaga even many descendants and relatives heroes book. Daughter of the writer Ales Ostashenko Tatiana for the first time she read an essay about his own father at the presentation.
"I’m very excited. And very grateful to Vladimir Orlov for the fact that he did not own edition forgotten my father’s name Olesya Ostashenko."
Heroes of the book "Names of Freedom" were embodied not only in the book. At the presentation briefly sounded and recording their voices.
"We invite you to send us your name Freedom"
More about the new edition of "Freedom," says the director of the Belarusian service Alexander Lukashuk:
"I wish to tell you about the sequel. At this book is the beginning, but in this book there is no end. Simply no end to their own idea in concept form. But this philosophy, we radio.
With the current a day or we invite listeners and readers of this book assist us to write a sequel. We invite you to send us your name Freedom, the name of the people you know who have been important in order to become free you to help bolster our book continue to create our people and our glory. "
Names of Liberty — your choice
Who do you want to include in the book "The Names of Freedom"?
Give me the names, tell about the people you know involved in the freedom and independence of Belarus and whose life is worthy of mention and honor.
Please contact us at the address:
Minsk 220005
mailbox 111

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