Weaker and weaker. It — about a buck

Now the dollar even more haggard on background euro and the British pound is worth more than a 2-bucks. South American currency against the backdrop of unrest slabla the U.S. mortgage market, which caused a narrowing of credit and may spread to the broader economy.
It seems that there are still no hope for return to the old rate of the dollar. Analysts wonder what caused such a small rate of the U.S. currency against the European single?
Economists, for example, a reduction in the August astounded U.S. jobs are in agriculture.
Yang Stenard with BNP Paribas — a bank in London, says that is a fundamental indicator of the U.S. economy:
"It is very exponential event that allows to imagine that the South American economy shows signals weakening begins. Minister of Finance Secretary Henry Paulson said that the current crisis was delayed despite the forecasts of the market. All of this can be seen on economic development, and the market is set against the dollar because investors fear that today prepyadstviya delayed. We would have predicted a further weakening of the dollar. "
In other words, the difficulties that began in housing loan, presently began in other areas of the economy. All that provoked hopes the U.S. central bank, the Federal reserve system, promptly make a buck less exciting for investors who seek out the best income. Economists predict that for one euro must be pay one dollar and 40 cents. But we have already mentioned Ian Stenard of British bank BNP Paribas was the figure a buck 40 three cents per euro by the end this year.
Meanwhile National Bank of Belarus wants to 2008 abandon the peg of the Belarusian ruble to the Russian and the forthcoming use as a guide only U.S. dollar. Yaroslav Romanchuk economic expert expressed the view that such makarom National Bank of Belarus may start to become more active devaluation of the Belarusian currency.

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