Week in Belarus in photo 1 — September 8

September 1. Ruler of the State Humanities Lyceum
September 1. Flash mobs "BPF Youth" until a day or education
September 4. Detention before Saligorsk Tribunal over Ivan Shyla
September 4. Tribunal over Ivan Shyla Soligorsk
September 4. Tribunal over Anastasia Azarko, Shults

Everywhere around the court were policemen. In the courtyard of the police station was still ready Nesvizha bus with commandos

In court Anastasia parted with flowers donated by associates

Together with his mother Zoe Azarko who refused to testify against her daughter

In a break Anastasia Azarko met Paul Seviarynets and activists

September 5. Youth activists Soligorski in court

Kasia Galician

Dmitry Yasevich

September 5. Tribunal in restoring Yuri Oleynik in the Academy of Management, Minsk
Yuri Oleynik before the tribunal
In the courtroom were not allowed non-state TV journalists
September 5. Presentation of the magazine "Between"
Philosopher Ales Antipenko
Philosopher Valentin Akudovich
Poet Andrei Hodanovich
Editor Tina Davydchuk
September 5. Opening of the exhibition "Famous people of Belarus" for BPF
Franak Vyachorka among young people during the exhibition opening
Ban Skirgaylo opens the exhibition "Famous people of Belarus"
Youth about the Portrait Gallery "Famous people of Belarus"
Word takes painter Zmetser Shapovalov
One of the exhibits — a portrait of Tadeusz Kosciuszko
Youth at the "Famous people of Belarus"
September 6. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Junior Front"
September 7. Constitutional Court of Belarus considers the case on increasing pensions children repressed

September 7. Opened in Minsk Hotel Europe

September 8. Myron posted a flag of days to Belarusian Military Glory, Vitebsk

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