What remains of the Belarusians in the Smolensk yes Bialystok? Names and names of villages

In the letters, which I have chosen to address the current review, the listeners of "Freedom" talk about their own daily affairs, discussions are transmission our radio, express comments, complaints, and suggestions.
I’ll start a conversation with other posts davneshnego "Freedom" from the village of Paul Satz cankers Malorita district, in which he reports on rustic autumn chores — and their fellow villagers.
"That fall, it’s time to dig potatoes. And we have grain in the lowlands a mess: flooded second time. People demand that the farm managers’ Give bulldozer clear the ford, so that the water goes into the central channel." Not given … Potatoes are already second time swam — all because of the ford.
Grain waste we do not currently landfilled, as before, but simply "disposed" in place, away from human eyes. They say not to get back to the message of "Freedom."
In our village cankers not so long ago people kept 150 cattle. Now there are only 20. All fields are planted around, if there is grass, the mouth is prohibited. Population converted from producers to consumers of food.
As retirees live if all take in the store? Here, for example, I have added in August 730 rubles. In May 1080 supplement was rubles. This laughter is worth. A verbally — boasting bags full. I was even curious to observe how our rural electorate through these small additive changes related to the president. Personally, I only vsmihayusya because I do not change regardless of the weather outlook as odezhku after a rain. "

Status of the Belarusian economy is such that already saying: pensions and then the prices will not keep up. (At least, in the next couple of years.) Or care about is power?
On the one hand, the political system in Belarus nomenclature Tipo guarantees the stability of its access from the results of the elections held under the strict control of the authorities, not enough that depends. But the real public sentiment in certain circumstances, can significantly affect the stability of the regime — no matter what the number will sound CEC.
In the Russian Union, remember the fruits of elections, the Communists have never had problems: less than 99 percent for themselves they have not been contacted. But when the tragic problem with the economy — no manipulation of ballots did not help.
Our listener Andrew Paskov from Brest in a new letter to the "freedom" mentions his schooling life. These memoirs he calls "not very pleasant." And here’s why:
"In 5th grade classmates played with Gene intoxicated teacher of foreign language in" beryka "(catch-up) during the lesson.
In 6th grade Gene, Sergey and others on geography lesson ran the party, allowed paper airplanes and geography teacher in the eyes called "kefir".
Then, in the 6th grade in September, during a celebration of nature veselitelnoy several classmates in a tent drank alcohol and could not reach the houses themselves: they had to be pulled by the arms and legs.
… With a guy whose name was Peter, I was trained in the 8th and 9th grades. His thrashed all two years without interruption. Spitting, twisting arms, forced to give written off. Once thrown from the third floor drink backpack on snow. The summer practice Petya constantly lugging two full heads, while some are not pulled any.
In the 9th grade boys half smoked, drank, and made use of "nyasvay" (soft drugs).
I met a lot of good-quality, professional peers, but is referred to at the moment for some reason it specifically. "

About fierce that reigns in almost all school teams in Belarus do not write enough — except when comes to outright criminal and catastrophic accidents.
Especially since these fascinating evidence Andrew Pascoe who only recently studied in school and kept in memory episodes, the truth of which is not necessary to fluctuate and perhaps only in exceptional cases, become the subject of public discussion. Although as teachers, ancestors and kids begin to read about the open this dilemma — get rid of the shameful phenomenon of violence and humiliation in schools is unlikely to be.
Created subsequent letters, Ales Stankevich from Grodno, responded to the recent transfer of the "Prague accent" to what was discussed on the Belarusian-Polish affairs, assessment of historical events beginning and middle of the last century, when the Russian Empire collapsed, and as a result of several wars Belarusian people appeared defeated Soviet-Polish state border. Ales Stankevich writes:
"This timeAffairs of Belarus, which occurred as a result of Riga contract, your commentator referred to the state disaster. Let me disagree. It is clear also that Stalin and Pilsudski criterion of this contract did. Bolsheviks sent to Western Belarus weave spies and saboteurs — NKVD agents who then ruled IPPC.
But the true catastrophe of Belarusian, Polish and other nations became agreement Stalin and Hitler (so called Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact) of 23 August 1939. Stalin gave the green light for Hitler’s anger. They together as allies invaded Poland in 1939 started World War II. About this collusion between Stalin and Hitler Putin and Lukashenko’s historians do not like to remember.
And the fact that Pilsudski took Western Belarus, later brought huge benefits, because hundreds of thousands of people rescued from the Stalinist terror that raged in Byelorussia.
Poland has also been bullpen, including Birch Kartuskay. But got there the true activists IPPC and the NKVD, who openly called for the overthrow of the government and adherence to the USSR. "

Let Stankevich, we turn to the phrase in the political scientist Vitaly Silitski which sounded in the program "Prague emphasis" on August 22 and caused your protest. Vital Silitski said:
"I would have looked like the Polish authorities would have reacted, if someone came to the Belarusian Parliament to celebrate the reunion Gainovka Western Belarus and Eastern. That date, to celebrate the which want Polish MPs come associated with the main event in the modern history of Poland. But it is associated with one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of the state of Belarus in the twentieth century. "
History lessons taught in Russian schools that shtrishok agreement gave the opportunity to "young Russian state" out of the war and start a "communist construction." In Polish schools children justify that contract shtrishok assured victory in the war against Bolshevik Russia and was a step to restore Speech Commonwealth in the limits within which it was made up of sections of the XVIII century.
And where are the actions of the Belarusian eyes? Is that on the cartoons published in 1921 outside of Belarus, which with one side — Polish "zholnezh" and on the other — Russian "krasnagvardeets" torn to two pieces of map of Belarus. caption under the cartoon: "Down with the shameful shtrishki sharing!"
So, sire Stankevich, for the Belarusian people it was in a certain kind of tragedy rather short after the spring of 1918 and hopes for the independence of the country was split between the Leninist Communist Russia and not democratic Poland, Marshal Pilsudski.
At the end of kutsee letter that leave without comment.
We wrote Ivan Delendik of Oshmyan:
"So many different contagion experienced Belarusians — where is survived. But if we were to not language? Sure, have long would either Russian or Polish.
Look at what’s left of the Belarusians in Smolensk or Bialystok. Only the names and the names of villages. Nothing there Belarusian Russians and Poles left little. They are busy about their own language and their own government. Because assimilation of all foreigners there being frisky pace.
And what we have in Belarus? Neuzh that Belarusian auth
orities does not see that the destruction of language — is weakening the country’s security, and ultimately — and the personal safety of all these self-confident officials? Language will not — there will be no country Belarus, and these warm bureaucratic places. Neuzh something we do not stop at the border that separates the people from our final disappearance and oblivion? "

Thank you, sire Delendik, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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