What will be the case of Belarus with Russia after the change of the Russian government?

Head of the new government approved of — Viktor Zubkov. Why Putin government changed? How it affects the affairs of Belarus and the Russian Federation? Or fine will be resolved conflicts in a relationship?
Koktyish: "We have a president in the face of technical Zubkov?"
Valery Karbalevich: "In the sleepy political life of Russia, which is not very aroused Duma election campaign, President Putin added intrigue. He sent in his resignation and the government proclaimed prime minister is not much known to the public Zubkov.
The change of government in a few months before the elections in Russia became a tradition. You may recall how recently the last presidential election was sent into retirement Kasyanov government.
Comment Putin himself to this decision was irrational and in fact did not talked to him. Another great intrigue in the Russian political process brought it replica Zubkov — that he does not rule out their own fight for the presidency. What did the reality behind these events? Why Putin government changed? "
Kirill Koktysh: "There is a question to which we do not yet have an answer: we have technical prime minister or president, we have a technical perspective in the face of Zubkov? The answer to this question we get when a new government is appointed. Then we will see, were former deputy prime minister, new figures. "
Andrei Fedorov: "If associate with resignation the other day of the presidential elections, in other words some differences. Government in 2004 literally changed recently elections, and at the moment — almost half a year. Then Putin had a constitutional right to run for president, and now formally can not.
Indeed, the creation of the script prepares technical president. Zubkov — davneshny familiar with Putin’s St. Petersburg. He is the manager of the cooperative known "Lake", in which, as written Russian media, Putin "for the first time touched his own piece of land."
Overview — Zubkov 65 years. He had to leave his own money last as Managing intelligence senators. Such probable scenario. After the election of the president will leave Zubkov resigned for health reasons, there are new elections — and the way to the office of President Putin re-opened. "
What is the effect on the change of government affairs of Belarus and the Russian Federation?
Karbalevich: "The Government of the Russian Federation at the moment, as well as in Belarus, technical, in other words it does not determine the policy, and only makes the control functions within a political band, a certain president. Yet, as affected by the change of government affairs of Belarus and Russia?"
Koktyish: "The change of government will not change anything. Our homeland was determined to go to the market relations with Belarus — and is not going to change this decision.
Appropriate agreements have been signed, the point is delivered. Belarus hopes management that the new president of the Russian Federation can be restore the old format of the Belarusian-Russian relations, in vain.
At the moment, Russian ruling team will not touch the subject of relations with Belarus. After all, she is busy providing results of the parliamentary and presidential elections. "
Fedorov: "I also believe that the emergence of the new government has no effect on the Belarusian-Russian affairs. Apparently, even after the resignation of Putin will retain all levers of influence on Russian politics. So do not wait configurations Belarusian direction.
Due to the configuration of the government may move to the next year is scheduled to meet control the governments of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the basis that Zubkov will meet with problems. After last post on its own is no case for relations with Belarus, he did not have. "
Razvyazhutstsa or conflicts in Belarusian-Russian relations?
Karbalevich: "At this point in relations between Belarus and Russia have, at least, three potentially conflicting issues. This is a question of gas prices Belarus next year. The allocation of Belarus Russian loan.
And the question of the implementation of the trade agreement between the governments, signed in March. The agreement provided that must be made equal conditions for the movement of products of one country on the territory partner.
But Russian bureaucrats and business executives expressed claims to the Belarusian side, it does not make this agreement. Can we expect new conflicts in these matters? And as the emergence of a new government in Russia may affect their decision? "
Koktyish: "For Russian control at the moment, during the elections, the conflict with Belarus undesirable. Characteristics gas prices some New Year’s agreement. Loan Moscow will allocate only when sure Belarus makes a trade agreement. "
Fedorov: "Indeed, the Russian Federation at the moment conflicts are not necessary. Minsk and may try to play on it. But hardly control Belarus will receive the expected results. Indeed Minsk is more dependent on Moscow than the opposite.
Almost all will depend on what will be the composition of the Russian government. Whether there will Ivanov, Medvedev? Who will head the Foreign Ministry and other ministries, that have attitude to the Belarusian-Russian relations? "
Or will not provoke a new crisis in Minsk Belarusian-Russian relations?
Karbalevich: "But can not it happen that Minsk again, as in the past, will provoke a crisis in Russian-Belarusian relations — for example, on the issue of gas prices? And such makarom intensively intervene in Russian election campaign? "
Koktyish: "Such a scenario is entirely probable. But last oil and gas conflict was resolved on the criteria of. Under the influence of Russian media supported this policy Russian voter. Because if the first shot in Minsk fails, then the second is unlikely to be successful.
In addition, during election campaigns will dominate internal threads voters interested enough outdoor policies in the country felt the demand for isolationism. "
Fedorov: "The position of Belarus in the issue price of oil and gas in Russia support the Communist Party. But her public support is at 10%.
Because if Minsk and provoked a conflict, the dividend would get parties who support Putin. Eventually Belarus can spoil even more business with Russia and get even worse economic conditions. "

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