Where to send peacekeepers Belarusian?

Army Chief General Alexander Nikitin said that the peacekeeping troop composed Belarusian army completes its preparation: in programmke conducted all training sessions peacemakers received befitting ammunition, it remains only to provide a company satellite communications system and wait for the order "On the peacekeeping operation quick march!"
Meanwhile, Belarusian Constitution forbids sending troops abroad for the role in the fighting. How did you get around this ban? Initially Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree respective and later Parliament passed a law that has permitted the role of contract only in peacekeeping missions. At the same time, by law, in each specific case, the Parliament must approve sending peacekeepers. Do you already have an application for Belarusian peacekeepers?
Spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Vyacheslav Ramenchyk states that he does not understand about these applications.
"Our task — to prepare peacekeepers, and to send them this information, we do not have."
Vyacheslav Ramenchyk recalled that in October, a meeting of the favorites of the contract of collective security, which is scheduled to make a joint peacekeeping force. According to the plan, this peacekeeping force can act both on the ground states of the CIS and in the world.
Coordinator of international programs from "Wider Europe" Vyacheslav Pozniak in such huge prospects ranges:
"Nowhere in the world do not expect peacekeepers from the CSTO. Prerequisite to have certain claims on the part of NATO and the European Union. ‘Cause all peacekeeping contingent that can occur only in the CIS."
Recall the Company Collective Security contract entered Belarus, Our homeland, Armenia and four Central FSU except Turkmenistan. Hot point on the ground these states observers believe only Chechnya in Russia, which the government of this country identifies as counterterrorist operation zone.
"In areas of Moldova Transnistria is worth about a thousand Russian peacekeepers, which, according to the Istanbul contract must withdraw," — recalls Vyacheslav Pozniak. With all this columnist believes that Russian peacekeeping mandate at this point has long expired, but there Our homeland is gone and if fulfill the agreement is unclear. "It remains to Georgia, where there are also Russian peacekeepers. But their conclusion from there the situation is less certain," — said Vyacheslav Pozniak.
Columnist Jacob Roman states that peacekeeping enough gainful employment, and countries vying for her.
"It’s wages for such applications because candidates are struggling. Peacemaker gets disproportionately more than the wages in Belarus — a few thousands of dollars. At the same time a certain percentage of these payments the government receives. "
According to Yakovlev, when Belarusians over time and where invited, in Sudan, "where Belarus know and trust her."
The Defense Ministry of Belarus told "Liberty" confirmed that the training of peacekeepers and takes into account the peculiarities of Africa.
• Belarus prepares a company for peacekeeping missions abroad, 17.11.2005

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