Whether the Government will keep the Belarusian breweries?

Now Belarus creation beer involved 12 specialized factories. State programm brewing industry development of the country asks increment production capacity to 64 million dal in the year 2010.
In This year seven months at Belarusian breweries brewed more than 21 million deciliter of beer. Imported to Belarus for the first half of more than 4 million dal drink.
"From this value will not change — the output change, the loss of the plant will be …"
On a number of companies in the industry are already presently ascertain prepyadstviya. So, for example, aggravated condition Minsk Brewery "Krynica". In the first half of this year, the volume of production then dropped by 7 percent. According to estimates of professionals, plant urgently needed 25-26 million euros for reconstruction continued. Shares "Krynica" claimed many foreign companies, for example — «Heineken», but the government did not sell the brewery in a hurry.
How many weeks back the information appeared that the Orsha zavinavachanastsi huge brewery, and so businesses can realize from the auction. Not exist became Grodno Brewery.
Relatively successful in factory This year complain prepyadstviya with raw materials. Belarusian poor malting barley, with the highest protein content, but he is forced to receive. That’s what I told the 1st special of the big breweries:
"Of course, the problem there. We just changed characteristics. But given the fact that around no grain or malt, malt and imported will be very expensive, it may be due to release … Of quality will not change — just the output change, loss of the plant will be. "
As explained by my companion, just plant will be required to buy more barley to get out of it appropriate extract.
M.Zaleski: "What we want — is one thing, but what we do — a completely different"
Economist Mike Zaleski country manager application calls another populist move. According to the views of professional, government has not only the means, and the development strategy of the Belarusian brewers. He does not exclude after statements about the country’s ability to raise brewing branch without the help of foreign investors still start selling stakes in Russian breweries — to pay for other municipal needs.
Zaleski: "If funds are needed, question not that we involve real investment (equipment, technology), and we begin to knit in partfelnyya investment — to sell shares very similar. What we are hampered by the «Velcom»? What we want — is one thing, but what we do — completely different. And let’s look at our results and deeds, not our desires. And the results of such things and we want to have a lot. And now let’s see who owns our powerful Mozyr. And who owns some of our other things more worthy of attention — for example, "Beltransgaz"? So it will be with a beer. "
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