Why Belarusian kids deprived decent books?

Publisher "Radiola-plus" exists in the book publishing market for more than 10 years. Books wordsmiths and beginners, tutorials, dictionaries, anthologies of poetry — that’s the circle of literature, which occurs in bookstores under the name of the publishing house, which is run by my current spokesman Vladimir Sivchikov.
Publisher "Radiola-plus" works without a summer vacation
Michas Scoble: "Vladimir, summer — not a good time for book publishers. But" Radiola-plus "works without a summer vacation. Pahvalitsesya What new books?"
Vladimir Sivchikov: "Almost in the last month we have received from publishing three new books. Call first book of poetry with Ales Kamotskii symbolic title" 48. "Poet — 40 for eight years, in the collection — 40 eight verses, too — 40 eight amazing artistic photos Vadim Grudka. And even the size of the book on the perimeter — also see 40 eight
Second book — a landmark work of Czech literature, this novel Bozena Nemtsavay "Grandma: paintings of village life" translated Nina Resetnicov.
And with particular joy in my hand, the third book — "Global Literature in Belarusian space" Ira Shablovsky. This edition of the book echoes the "Belarusian literature and the world: from the Romantic era to the present day," which came first year in our publishing house (its creators — Lavon Barshcheuski Tychyna and Peter Michas Vasyuchenko). Unfortunately, Ira Vikentievna Shablovskaya his book in his hands did not have time to hold. Why did I take it in my hands with a special heat? In 1-x, the creator — the institute’s my teacher. In-2, a book published by donations from colleagues and students Ira Shablovsky. Pleased that our fierce and pragmatic time people are capable of charitable deeds. "
"Belarusian publishers and writers own country were in the position persona non grata "
Scoble: "Wandering around the net, I somehow on the teacher’s web site read your ad:" We offer creative meetings with writers, publishers and bards, lessons and presentations of new books. "Often, if you are invited to the school, and if invited, with whom and with what? "
Sivchikov "quickly come to take the initiative themselves, and this is the name which you ad — one of the manifestations of this initiative. Meetings are held through some personal contacts. For example, it is hard to deny Natives Zhodino when I speak to the director of the town library. And not just appeal and bring packing books and replenish their lean library funds. Was very pleasant meeting in the only girls’ school in Belarus (once it was Zhodinskaya school number 3). We performed in Zaslaul Andrei Hodanovich and Barscheuski. Not counting schools have to visit libraries, societies TBM, from time to time and meeting place for personal apartments. During the last trip with Ales Marochkin and Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Slutsk at the last moment refused the local art gallery in the hall. Even prerequisites not been explained, there was no question that the "pipe flowed" or "no electricity." Just Belarusian writers and publishers in their own country — persona non grata ".
"In Belarus, there is a lack of high-quality children’s book"
Scoble: "Radiola-plus" and is engaged in the publication of children’s literature. How many years ago, the authorities removed the publisher "Youth", specializing only in a baby book. Can personal publishing (let all together) to change the "Youth"?
Sivchikov "State Publishing House, which was unchanging financial palsilkavanne, change is unrealistic. Children’s book — a very expensive creation, because the lack of a children’s book we really holds. I am convinced of this, whenever the neighborhood often go to "ACADEMKNIGA." And my girls who work there, complain about the lack of high-quality children’s book of the Belarusian ".
Scoble: "Well, fine. Closed the" Youth ", you also need to rejoice-destroyed your powerful opponent …"
Sivchikov "No what is elated. Since, on the one hand, I — a professional publisher, and, on the other hand, I — citizen father own children. And I hunt, so they had a lovely, benign book. Why Belarusian Babes must be deprived in comparison with Czech, Polish, Slovak or babies? No, "Youth" or "Rydye-plus" or some other publishers will not change. Although we do not sit hand stock. I have on the desktop is a manuscript entitled "Fell in thunder rattling away with" Gregory Baradulin. With him we cooperate long. I think that "our" collection of selected works Baradulin "Runes of thunder" did not go unnoticed by fans of luxury literature. "
"Zabugornom colleagues relations Belarusian children to the country did not understand"
Scoble: "I know that you are in this wasand publishers of children’s literature seminar, which took place in Sweden. What foreign publishing experience can be useful to publishers Belarusian? "
Sivchikov: "I must clarify that it was a workshop with a broader theme, dedicated to children’s culture in general. He came on Swedish Gotlyand peninsula in the town of Visby. Seminar was very presentable, it participated all countries Baltic region, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Our homeland, were presented separately Kaliningrad Oblast and Moscow. What kind of experience can be useful to us? Poles invented an amazing share. Times a day in each family ancestors 20 minutes should read aloud to children. Would do well to learn from it and us. Imagine a intimate family atmosphere, two kids and a father or mother read to them "Devil’s treasure" Vladimir Karatkevich or "Belarusian folk tales." How can change is in the sense of reading education?
The seminar had to speak to me. I brought some facts of Belarusian life, no comment, just the facts. I say my first book "Game of the will" was published in the children’s publishing "Youth". At the moment it is not. I worked for 6 years in the magazine "Birch". At the moment, "Birches" as a magazine for teenagers, a literary magazine, also is not there a small supplement to the "awkward age" … My zabugornye colleagues, and it was not only publishers, just numb, could not believe how the state can have such an impact on children, their upbringing? "
"Our libraries are simply desperate"
Scoble: "Let’s talk a little about the adult literature, our classics. In the 1970s went Kolas Collected Works in 14 volumes. Circulation was — 18 000 copies. This year the publishing house" Belarusian Science "(praise him!) Start Issue Collected Works in 20 volumes Kolasa. But all circulation — 1500 copies. neuzh So that in the past, the number of Belarusian readers fell twelve times? "
Sivchikov: "Socrates is not the number of readers have changed dramatically affairs of the country to the Belarusian culture. Belarus about eleven thousand libraries (if you take it all together: school, urban, rural, departmental). And that, not in each of their required work Kolas To Our library just in a desperate situation. from time to time I am in the library’s own native art school, where he worked as head Laura P.. I bring books (manuals, dictionaries, art books), and she had tears in the eyes. It says that fifteen recent years (!) Library metropolitan art school has not received a penny for the completion of book collections. "
Scoble: "So for whom do you work?"
Sivchikov: "Get ready to breathe, and this rye. Let us remember how during our students to celebrate the jubilee of our classics. Vyazynka In drive was unreal, all trains were crowded, the home Kupala going to 10s of thousands of people. Now official propaganda says about faster some "Stalin Line" than on the a
nniversary of Yanka Bryl or Pimen Panchenko. "
"The publication of" intimate diary "Bogdanovich — not a hoax, and a successful publicity stunt"
Scoble: "God forbid that we live up to the anniversary of the" strip Stalin "… You own publishing house that gave beautiful Maxim Bogdanovich. Thus under the intriguing title" The Pillow Book ". And before that, spread the information in the book that will eventually be placed undercover diary Bogdanovich. And so the interested reader runs the bookstore, believing for you as a publisher buys a book at home unfolds — and there is no diary. I understand the publishing PR, but not on the hype it has become! "
Sivchikov: "I believe that there is no deception no since Bogdanovich many works entitled" Intimate diary. " There is some myth, there is some legend. Intimate diary Maxim Bogdanovich — it records the poet about his holiday romance, relations with the mysterious lady Claudia. All diary — a few sheets stored in the Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich and who occasionally displayed. These sheets to the end and did not read, despite the fact that they worked grafolyagi experts. The text read in places, pieces, almost all has not come back. I do not think that in the case with a book Bogdanovich was a big hoax. Faster is a successful publicity stunt, the introduction of the legend as a brand. "
"Facsimile journal" hill "we will issue and without tax benefits"
Scoble: "Already this fall, the Belarusian deputies are going to adopt a law on Belarusian spelling. And what law is needed in publishing? Either everything is good, and no legislation is not needed?"
Sivchikov: "It would be nice to return to the practice of tax credits and child in the publication of Belarusian literature. Years 5 reverse these are canceled, and because we have observed in the Russian publishing a decline. But I look to the future with optimism. Even without tax incentives" Radiola- plus "recently will give two cost books: a biography of the founder of Zhodino Boguslaw Radziwill (at the moment it is translated from the Polish language) and a facsimile of the first issue of the magazine" hill ", released in 1927, exactly 70 years ago."
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