Will izymatelstvo for ladies over criminality?

The highest percentage of statistical abuse ladies in Europe raises the question of the recognition of domestic violence» and criminal crime. The purpose of the Council of Europe campaign — to provide support to victims and create new methods to combat domestic violence and».
Once a year in the world of "personal reasons" clog 5 thousand ladies
According to experts of the Council of Europe, the organization leaders in solving problems Human Rights should the cessation of violence against the ladies through pamatsnenne liable for acts violently. The purpose — domestic violence described as criminal sin, to provide assistance to victims, including and because they are convinced that in the future against izymatelstva ladies will not taleravanyya.
» Organization of the United Nations over the past 10 years, has repeatedly stated that violence against the ladies gets very large scale, and this One of the most fundamental problems tied modernity. If you take the worldwide statistics — an average of every third lady once in my life had been a victim of violent appeals. I recall in Europe — almost every fifth. Once a year in the world, according to UN statistics, kill five thousand ladies, with the motivation — "protection of honor." To This time in some states there is discrimination of women’s sex.
Forced marriage, sexy harassment and other violations of the ladies
In India, victims of prenatal sex selection tools have been half a million girls in the year. Often women and ladies are forced to marry. A few years back the investigation was conducted in Kyrgyzstan in 1322 marriages in 6 villages. Half of "ethnic Kyrgyz marriages" concluded as a result of abduction, and two-thirds — without his wife’s consent.
In England, the government agency on forced marriage shows every year, more than 300 similar cases. About 50 per cent of working ladies of Europe say that they were the victims of harassment and violent sexy appeal in the workplace.
And global stats — there are about 125 countries of the-adpravnits of so-called live product — the ladies. First, it CIS countries, West Africa and the Caribbean. And 137 recipient countries "live product." The number of convicted traffickers small.
Victims of violence — 70% of married women in Russia
"Violence against the ladies — a topic that does not wish to read in Russia" — a quote from the report of the organization "Amnesty International". According to the organization, 70 percent of married women in Russia were victims of violence. This figure of» voedinyzhdy connects all kinds of violence — insults, beatings, physical abuse. But Russian consulate "Amnesty International" says first about physical harassment ladies who completed injuries znyavechannem, death.
Ukrainian Association "Amnesty International" also offers legislatively strengthen accountability for violence against the ladies. In Ukraine, in contrast to the adjacent states are no shelters for women victims of violence in the end, there is only psychological rehabilitation centers.
For the first act violently over men lady offered to detain the attacker to three days. Ukrainian Association "Amnesty International" criticizes the government for the fact that it ignores the advice of the Council of Europe to strengthen the responsibility for violence against the lady and make the infrastructure rehabilitation for ladies.
The U.S. State Department pays its attention to domestic violence in Belarus, 7.03.2007

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