Wish to thank Valentin Zhdanko for very severe and intelligent comment letters

Man: "I would never have thought that the so called favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus, owed is in opposition to the current government. Specifically about this, he said now, when almost an hour near the microphone raspinavsya Belarusian Radio. Enough for all of it: and Milinkevich, and students who are studying abroad for programmke Kalinouski, and many others for what they are and spend some money there. In this regard, I wish to ask Sergei Haidukevich as himself "roll the" pocket opposition for the role? Since the real opposition to the Belarusian radio on a gun shot is not allowed. "
Andrew Olehnovich, Krupki: "We’re just going to Orsha field. Here already begun detention. Not so long ago called Serge Minskevich. They rode on a bus, 16 people. Their front Orsha field deployed and taken to the Central police station Orsha. Now they are there . On the reason for the detention answer: "You are not born in the country." That’s the information. "
Man: "Happy holiday Military glory Belarusians! Long live Belarus! "
Anastasia Ilina, Brest: "Good day! Who was the 8th September, a day of military glory. Town of Brest in Rally for the celebration of the memory of prominent inhabitants of the town. Rally was dedicated to the fact that young people, in the main members of the movement" For Freedom! " lozhili flowers in areas of town that have been associated with the history of the people who fought for the independence of Belarus. So the cemetery were laid flowers at the monument of repressed memory is also mentioned Adam Tripusa, Grodno headed "guerrilla" Belarusian People’s Republic. was also present at the cemetery about 6 people in police uniform and several civil. Later youth went to the monument, a symbol of the town founding in 1019, recalled that in Brest plan was developed in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410. were also laid flowers at the monument to Adam Mickiewicz referred era Kosciuszko society Filaret, Philomath. were about the church, where he wasand found the first sheet "Muzhytskay truth." There is evidence that in Brest was Kastus Kalinowski. The action culminated in the youth in the cemetery lit lamps, also laid flowers in memory of the soldiers Bulakh-Bulahovicha. Action, both the novice and ended with a prayer for Belarus. Thank you. "
Igor asleep, Vitebsk, "Good day. Want to thank Valentin Zhdanko your commentators, in a very stern, intelligent comment letters stood literate. And in general, it does not allow any abuse or humiliation. Thank him very much. And very much like wish that all were as smart journalists and commentators. If the same work in the "People’s Will," maybe this newspaper and now would be, and no one would not have closed. more exposure, more political wisdom. I wish to you good health. either a good friend. "
Man: "Regarding the missing recognizable people, including Victor Gonchar, who at this week ’50. Mentioned hysterical voice our supreme father: "I every day to go to the table" aperatyvki. "Let no one think we know about at least some of their step." Comments are not necessary. And in the case of the missing offender punishment can not be avoided, if only God. "
Man: "What about taxes, different weights fiksalnyh I wish to say subsequent. Look how big and our bestalantny Lukashenko.’s Usual example. If the Russians began to increase gas prices, instead of saying:" Our business activities will give us the allowance, and We have calculated. " No — "I gather from the fact that from there to increase, there will remove …" In other words, the only people people, workers, the elderly. That’s all that he can take what he can do. That’s his whole economy: clean, collect and pay. Where a word about business, economic activities? — Zero!
Lady: "Good evening," Freedom! "How enjoys first Belarusian president its improvisation to reporters. Such relaxed, brave as he wishes, and even the opposition throws something towards the Russians, the Kremlin. But he remembers that to government has promoted him to come and the Kremlin holds to this day. Because prevents lukashism Krapivinskaya field. photograph I stayed with crushed newspaper "Freedom," where the Belarusian men on September 8 Krapiuna Field took an oath of allegiance to the Belarus-homeland. And at the moment the young fighter Belarusian kids teachers carry on "Stalin Line". Suvorov, Bolshevik bayonets were taken from Lithuanians, Belarusians Belarus. And at the moment who? Yes Krapivinskaya field to teach our children to protect the homeland. Thanks. All the best. "
Man: "This is an eyewitness of those events Krapivenskaya near Orsha, what happened, that mess that happened in These days are near Orsha. it is called "New carnage." It’s just a nightmare. Police again substituted, they gefesty that command Prameteya, although in fact it is shameful. Means there is a perception that there is some force that forces them it mattersbe, even though they themselves can, and do not want. It was evident as they looked away and really almost did not put a huge violence. But what got hooked recognizable artist Ales Pushkin, and against his will Tipo "sew" a criminal case, it’s just mayhem! Again someone is profitable, that such conscientious people destroyed. It’s just full of garbage out there that some of mine were. Again the same question to the authorities: why you could not previously conduct these works? And it really looks like nonsense. Thank you. "
Man: "If you end up rummaging in every garbage pits, restrooms! One and the same! The same people! Such Shusharah they say, that’s just a shame! Shame! Than terrible at us, then you rejoice. As well, unhappy."
Man: "In October, the loan will be allocated to one and a half billion of Belarus. This should happen as Fradkov met Sidorsky, they chatted, and Fradkov said about the loan that the decision will be delayed for some time. But most likely it Time will in October, as Kudrin, Minister of Finance, said, it must amend the Constitution Russian Federation regarding the allocation of loans of 1.5 billion dollars. In a short time it should happen. For you, I guarantee that this will happen. But we need to wait a little. In October, it is a fact happen. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Man: "With the increase in wheat prices by 75% in Europe, Italy responded to higher prices for pasta in 2 times. And what is heard, for example, in Prague or elsewhere in Europe? I wish that the emperor Karbalevich in the program "Prague accent" with experts discussed this question: What to expect in Europe this winter. "

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