Z.Paznyaka: Belarusians should not recognize the fake elections

Hanna Sous"S. Zeno, a few days left before the parliamentary elections in Belarus. You not once gave speeches, public urged to boycott elections on September 28. What will boycott?"
Zenon Pozniak: "My statement is a consequence of our program policies of the Conservative Christian Party BPF, which has been here for six months preparing real boycott and not voting. What will boycott? Perfectly cooked boycott provide opportunities for unfair elections and deal a strong blow to the regime. Indeed, that develops at the moment, should boycott voting immobilize ability manipulations recognition for democratic elections undemocratic. This is currently the main issue. "

08Sous: "In your opinion, under what criteria the Belarusian opposition must participate in elections?"
Pozniak"Figurehead opposition and its leaders will participate in all elections and for all criteria, if they do it will utter those on whom they depend, first in Brussels and Moscow. They do not need my advice, especially because they are not politicians, because that do not reflect the Belarusian national interests. We advocate for the elimination of the Lukashenko regime and its false opposition. "
Sous"Immediately after the elections will come to Minsk Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. After Belarus has not recognized, despite the appeals of, the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, many politicians talking about the deterioration of Russian-Belarusian relations and Tipo turn on Belarus in the West. How do you assess the state of reality and perspective of relations between Russia and Belarus? "
Pozniak: "In principle, does not change anything. Lukashenka and Putin, and all kamaryllya — this one group. Their conflicts and bickering — a style of Russian relations in the criminal policy, as a result of which they may each other, as they say they are, or even soak sew . But I repeat, this bickering accomplices in the camp. Significantly, only that the hostage of this bickering and politics of conflict there and the whole of Belarus Belarusian people. From the standpoint of our national situation and the need to evaluate all actions around. Moscow necessary laws and pro-Russian Chamber of Belarus to legally consolidate its bandit policy — Belarusian seizure of property, the introduction of the army, missiles in Belarus, etc..

If the public does not support the Belarusian boycott, and if people go to vote on the phony election, besprintsipialny Europe can recognize them as democratic. Then the victory for the regime and Moscow provided

Because diplomacy Capital Europe pushes for recognition of democratic elections. Lukashenko need pocket Chamber, because it suppresses the existence of democracy and plays with Europe, so there recognized his phony parliament. Meanwhile, Europe, litsezrev anger of, wants to force darmachka Lukashenko regime to make a geopolitical choice in favor of the West at the cost of putting their own dependents, so called opposition and the price realization of interests of the Belarusian people, recognizing undemocratic elections for democratic. If the public does not support the Belarusian boycott, and if people go to vote on the phony election, besprintsipialny Europe can recognize them as democratic. Then the victory for the regime and Moscow provided. "
Sous: "If the international community recognize the elections to the House of Representatives, despite a number of violations that need and what you can do in this case democratic society in Belarus national direction?"
Pozniak: "If you recognize the fake elections, it would mean the surrender of Belarus into the clutches of the pro-Moscow regime at the mercy of Moscow. Opposition figurehead then likely shift towards the east and the sponsor will be evenly openly pro-Moscow. Belarusians should not recognize the fake and phony elections ward. Necessary to support the Belarusian liberation policy of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. This is the only party that represents the interests of the Belarusian national. This is a fact. necessary to support the initiative "Solidarity with Belarus". Will need — to create groups supporting Belarusian revival. Belarusians need to navigate in the world to fight and struggle. And most importantly, by themselves for themselves, for their own people and their own people. Fighting Russian anger can endure for a long time. Very strong people and people should be prepared for this. "

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