According to a source in the defense industry and the official media messages, Our homeland plans to significantly increment financing for the development of technologies for testing «stealth». This writes December 16.   «In the current discussion talking about millions of rubles,» said IHS Jane’s defense industry source close to the program there.   Major challenges and research center, where it is planned to conduct these works will be carried out not in the Flight Test Center in Zhukovsky, and on another subject — Research Center defense (SIC VOP) in Tver, located 170 km from Moscow.   This object

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F-35 hit another their development milestones

June 5 fighter F-35A with the ordinary takeoff and landing (for the Air Force version) for the first time launched SD AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» over the sea polygon Mugu, reports ASDNews June 7.   The test was conducted as part of the testing unit software Block 2B. Aircraft F-35A reached the significant progress, including their start pilot training based Eglin (FL), delivery of the first test of combat aircraft to bases Edwards and Nellis (Nevada), the first in-flight refueling and flights at huge angles of attack.   «These facts testify to the success of the entire military industry. Thousands

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Russian Su-35s show at Airshow «Le Bourget 2013»

The Russian government allowed the exhibition and demo flights of Su-35s at the International Air Show «Le Bourget 2013» respectively decree posted on the official web portal of the legal disk imaging.   As said the company «Sukhoi» recently, a new functional Su-35s, the European premiere show which will be held at Airshow «Le Bourget 2013», will fly to France the following week. There he will show spices and viewers Interior aerobatics, RIA Novosti.   Order for the role in the flight program there was signed by President Vladimir Putin. With all this technical view of the aircraft will be

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Cost of Japanese F-35 CAN zashkalivalo

Last Japanese defense minister, «architect» buy American F-35 fighter Satoshi Morimoto (Satoshi Morimoto) in an interview with Defense News (June 10) expressed the view that in today’s acquisition criteria in order to contain China may linger low pressure of the yen against to the U.S. greenback. Japan plans to buy 42 stealth fighter.   The course of the national currency in the last 6 months fell to 100 yen per dollar. Planned to buy the first four aircraft at the rate of 83 yen to the dollar, in other words, for 10.2 billion yen at the rate of 124 million

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