Fighter F-35 «Lightning II» will be operated in the United States in 2015

Operation Strike Fighter fifth-generation F-35 «Lightning II» will begin in the U.S. Armed Forces in December 2015. It was announced by the U.S. Defense Department. The relevant notice it sent to the U.S. Congress As explained Pentagon in December 2015 applying the F-35 is scheduled to begin in the United States Marine Corps (variant F-35B). Then in December 2016, this plane will arrive on Air Force (version F-35A), and in February 2019 — the Naval Forces (variant F-35C). In total, the U.S. military wants to buy a 2443 fighter-bombers, F-35, the corporation’s products «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin). The creation of

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Why does the U.S. continue to design the F-35?

On the last day of spring the South American Defense Ministry published the latest information about the project Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Plans to implement this programmki recently been revised and some time moved to the left. So, in December 2015 will be formed the first squadron of 12-24 aircraft F-35A. With this programm reaches the stage of IOC (Initial operational capability — «Initial operational readiness») and the U.S. Air Force to eventually appear first efficient division, armed with new fighters. This news can be interpreted in different ways, but the main conclusion imposes itself. After many years of

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WAR IN SYRIA AND fifth-generation fighter

Independent professional in the industry of national security Lauren Thompson (Loren Thompson) published June 3 in the online version of Forbes magazine article, «The war in Syria indicates why the U.S. needs a fighter fifth generation» (War In Syria Highlights Why US Needs Fifth-Gen Fighters ).   … U.S. and its allies may impose a no-fly zone over Syria, as they did during the wars in Iraq and Libya, and this underlines the importance of having the opportunity to «robust» fighter fifth generation. At the moment, the U.S. Air Force and its allies equipped fighters of the previous generation, which

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The Chinese delegation will assess the Su-35

Presentable Chinese delegation will hold talks in Moscow on the purchase of new functional Russian Su-35 fighters and get acquainted with aerobatic capabilities of this machine in Kubinka near Moscow, where they will be organized on Wednesday a special demo flights, told «Interfax» on Tuesday, a source in the structures associated with arms exports. «Russian and Chinese spices started consultations on the supply of the Chinese Air Force advanced functional Su-35 fighters. In the current time in Moscow is the Chinese delegation, which acquainted with aircraft performance characteristics of the aircraft, will have a look at his flight and will

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