6 weeks to Mars, the Moon and the oxygen of stargazing

At the end of September (September 24-28) in India held an international congress astronauts, attended by more than 2-thousand academics and professionals in the field of cosmic. They discussed the future of the "global space exploration strategy" — the idea of cosmic international cooperation, which was prepared in several in recent years.
Scientists: Moon must populate
According to professionals, this idea just does not have the price, since the mutual exchange of developments and discoveries in the field of cosmic progress in the exploration of space will cost less and move even faster.
Admin South American Space Agency NASA Michael Griffin read at the Congress in India about building a "strong civilization" on Mars and the Moon. And the head of the Japanese Space Agency JAXA Tachykava Cage claims that the moon is not just need to fly, but to inhabit it, and commercial use.
Month appears as a first step for the upcoming space exploration — Mars and other planets.
Lunar stones will create oxygen?
Specialists rumors about the possibility of using resources on the Moon, for example, for subsequent flight of cosmic. Namely, the ability to produce oxygen from the stones of the moon — it is also open a discussion on the international scientific congress astronauts.
Despite the journey to the Moon, scientific data and specimens of rocks on the moon present day there is not enough. Copies of minerals from the moon, brought as a result of American missions "Apalenav" give little research of information.
But at the moment, according to scientists, the situation changes dramatically. September 16, Japan launched its own first orbiter to the moon, "Kaguya" (Kaguya) — to turn around the moon and collect scientific disk imaging, in including disk imaging and minerals, chemical components of rocks on the moon.
And presently held especially saturated research in fiziyalegii person to decide, for example, the problem of a significant loss in a human body calcium during long flights of cosmic.
Almost everything is dependent on the development of technologies. If the engines with the former kind of mission to Mars would take about 6 months, at the moment the ship with a nuclear engine will reach Mars in six weeks, so that significantly decreases the risk to the human body.
What a falling star?
And for those who remain on earth, scientists from the observatory BSU recall that in October the new season begins stargazing. In October, Earth passes few metearytnyh flows — through Draconid (8-10 kastrchnika) Orionids (October 14-26), and Tsetydy (13-24 October). Most stellar, according to scientists must be 10, 20 and 22 October.
As you know, once a year, the Earth passes through streams of cosmic 30. More famous of them — Leonids (metearytnaya flow occurs once a year in November from the constellation Leo) also Perseidy, Orionids and Lirydy.
Why we litsezreem Shooting Stars? Metearytnaya stream exits from the fact that small particles from the comet addyalyayutstsa and burn up in Earth’s atmosphere — there is a star rain.
According to professionals, the largest flow is the constellation Orion — The transit time of this flow can be observed up to 45 meteors per hour. In the constellation of Draconid and Tsetydy — about 10 shooting stars per hour.
Meteorites of various currents too little different from each other. For example, slow falling stars Tsetydy have a reddish color, and Orionids Draconid — lighter and brightest.

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