A.Milinkevich told the students about the human rights situation in Belarus

Followers of the German Cultural Institute Goethe filled with students. I walked over to the young man behind the podium, a representative of the political society "Polis", which holds similar meetings. He noted that such a debate always comes very many Youth who are interested in the situation in the various countries of concern, as different political difficulties in the Czech Republic itself.
Alexander Milinkevich as he entered the hall and saw a number of interested youth, said that he believes in the future of Belarus, and that all hope of Belarus — on youth.
A.Milinkevich introduced the participants to the political Situation in Belarus. Czechs in the main questions concerned whether there have Belarusian opposition opportunity to meet with students about relations with Russia, about the energy crisis, so referred "Gas war" between Russia and Belarus.
Young people were impressed by what and how students are judged in Belarus.
A.Milinkevich makes European Integration Council, 4.10.2007

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