Amnesty in Turkmenistan has not justified the hopes of human rights defenders

On days of Turkmen TV shows like that released prisoners swear on the Koran to abandon criminal activity:
Released: "I swear on the holy Quran, the holy bread and holy Ruhnama, I never repeat the sin again."
Released: "I swear, I never repeat such in the future. Our president said that we will no longer be considered offenders and offer us jobs. We over grateful to him. "
On Actually, As reported by the inhabitants of Turkmenistan us about missed one in particular is not fussing and jobs do not offer. Such amnesties under Niyazov became commonplace — they are often held once a year, and from time to time, and four times a year. Produced mostly small criminals. Accused of corruption, murder and terrorism never released.
Segodnyaschy amnesty — was no exception. Hope defenders to withdraw from prison enemies of the regime did not materialize. The most popular figure in the middle of the liberated on this week, Geldiev Kyaryzav — internationally recognized selektsyyaner horses. He was in the bullpen in 2002 and, according to "Amnesty International", had huge prepyadstviya health. Turkmen authorities received many appeals from international organizations for release Kyaryzava.
Another popular figure in the midst of the liberated — Nurmurad Recep, a scion of the head guard of former President Niyazov. Nobody knows the premise on which he and his father were arrested andwhich at the moment scion released.
Remained in jail last Minister of Foreign Affairs Turkmenistan Boris Shyhmuradav, but his wife and nephew under the current amnesty times hit.
Attracted the attention of human rights activists and such fact. Announced that in the midst of almost 9 thousand prisoners amnestied in Turkmenistan in 1370 women. Meanwhile it is clear that the only female in the bullpen Turkmen town Dashaguz designed for 700 prisoners.
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