Another output is independent newspaper has been

Editor of "local time" Victor Yarashuk clarifies the situation:
"The financial situation is such that you can not work. Newspaper suspended — it remains, but will not go out. We sit four months without a fee. A salary is 190 thousand rubles per month. What did it for the money? We soon time was not even the postman. themselves carried the newspaper. "
Financial difficulties justified for many reasons: for example, in Pinsk Publishing refused to print edition. Because circulation needed once a week to bring from Baranovichi, for fifteen hundredths miles. The local branch of "Sayuzdruk" refused to sign a contract to distribute. Not appeared "Local time" and in subscription catalogs.
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets states that this case — commonplace:
"On my eyes, main action still occurred almost two years back, when the other day most of the presidential elections-independent newspapers were removed from the stalls, "Sayuzdruk" and subscribe to the "Belpochta". And it was the step which is currently has the greatest impact on the what’s happening local press in general and with the "local time" viz.
And this — access to heavy readers, because it’s hard to get the funds in including and advertisers, if there is no newspaper in the spread. Here is found a weapon against the media-independent. She seemed to exclude a particular political order, but makes his role even better some administrative measures. "
Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, public relations and media disk imaging House Yuri Kulakovskii states that such a situation must proceed from the current legislation. Authorities promise to modernize today’s international society Press Law for 5 years. Interested in the chairman of the commission are going to present a bill for the fall session?
"Nope this session — no. Maybe on the next. Some progress there, but I did not exactly say that."
Autumn session Another commission — Industry — preparing a bill on disk imaging, information and protection of information.
"They brought to him very many amendments, — says Yuri Kulakovskii. — As they say, and bast bast. He is preparing for the session, but so far it is not a day or agenda. "
Andrei Bastunets newcomer to law wary:
"This law gives way to the adoption of by-laws, which will also regulate the activities of the media, at least, online resources. I’m not even talking online publications and online resources."
• The Prosecutor’s Office has warned of Grodno-independent journalists, 3.09.2007

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